Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wedding Mini

Hi, everyone

So here is my latest mini. It's a "Wedding" mini, as if the letters, tulle and the colors didn't give it away. I started this one a few weeks ago but the bulk of the work was done this past weekend. The high temps and humidity kept me comfortably housebound in the icyness of my air conditioned livingroom last weekend but that was ok by me. I had plenty to scrap and while away the day.

I not only finished this one but I started 2 others. They are both going to be Sweet 16 mini albums so I'm doing them simultaneously. They are orders for 2 different people so it really doesn't matter if they are alike. What I found odd when shopping for sweet 16 embellies is, there aren't any. I couldn't find any stickers or other stuff for that theme at either Mike's or Moore's. Oh well, guess this is a wonderful opportunity to use up some of my generic embellies.

Ok, so back to my wedding mini. I again used all kinds of stuff. From my crocheted flowers in white, black and grey to some white tulle. Take a peek below. I think the lady who ordered it will be pleased. Well, at least I hope she will be pleased.

I hope you liked it. Thanks for taking the time to visit.

Have a scrap happy day!