Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Wedding Mini Album

Happy Sunday!  Hope you are all enjoying the day. 

Here's a new wedding mini I made.  I'm also working on another now.  Seems it's the season for wedding minis. 

I used DCWV paper again.  The patterns lend themselves so well to a wedding theme.   This mini is the second one this particular customer ordered.  She's giving it as a gift to the bride.  


This page and some of the subsequent ones have tags behind the photo mats.

This page has a removable organza pouch for keepsake storage tucked behind the photo mat.

I kept this one rather clean and understated with the embellies which will allow the pictures to take center stage.

Ok, so I've got to get back to work on completing the other wedding mini.   

Thanks for looking!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July


I hope everyone enjoyed their day off.  I had another great day.  I got to sleep late and then we went to my Jim's mom's house on Long Island where we had a nice meal in her backyard which is all abloom with gorgeous flowers and veggies and she even has a coy pond.  It was just brutally hot which made it difficult to enjoy being outside but it was very nice to see her.

On the way home Jim made a surprise detour to take me to Joann's where I picked up 13 new DCWV stacks!  Whoo hoo!  They were on sale at 40% off but what was even better was 5 of them were on clearance at $7.97.  I went there with just getting the 4 new ones in mind but before I knew it, Jim had more stacks in the cart that he found at another display in the store.  I had to take out a whole bunch because I already had them but he didn't know that.  I tell you, he can be an enabler like nobody's business.  When we went to checkout Jim had the cashier laughing so she scanned a coupon which gave us another $22.04 off.   According to my receipt I saved $90.84 today.  Sometimes the goofball comes in handy! 

I love the new stacks DCWV came out with.  The Stardust stack is simply beautiful and I got the last one they had in stock.  We came home and I put my new stacks in my cubes which are now full.  I'm officially out of room unless I start getting rid of furniture.  Geez, I wonder if anyone would notice if my sectional couch was missing a section? Hmmmm....something to think about.  LOL

 My paper cubes.

Around 9 pm tonight we went up the block near the college and lit up some sparkly fireworks.  Our friend, Tom, and his dd joined us for the display.  It was still 94 degrees out at that time. 

Here we have Jim saying "I have created fire!!"  Tom Hanks has got nothing on him.

My boys just itching to blow stuff up.

I played with the night setting on my camera and this is one of the shots I got. 

It was a really nice day but it's back to work tomorrow so off to bed I go.  I hope you all had a safe and happy 4th of July.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Enabler Alert - Joann's

Hi, Everyone.

Just thought I'd let my wonderful scrappy friends know that Joann's is having a sale today and tomorrow.   And as if that wasn't enough, they are offering shipping of only $.04 cents.  Yes, that's right!!! Only 4 pennies gets your goodies home!  Gotta love that!  That deal saves me an hour's drive each way to my closest Joann's. 

Use coupon code STARS186 to get the $.04 shipping price.  Here's the link to Joann's site

DCWV just came out with 4 new stacks which are also on sale.  Yay!  Uh oh!!  I think I've enabled myself and have to order up those babies since you all know how I love DCWV paper stacks.  Oh nooooooooooo! Things have gotten bad if I'm now starting to enable myself!  Help!!!!!! 

Ok, gotta run and order me up some "stacky" goodness and I think I'll also check for some other sized page protectors to supplement the Project Life protectors Becky sells.

Oh, by the way, Becky Higgins updated her blog regarding when the core kits will be available.  Looks like mid-July some will be available.  Check it out here...

Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you visiting my blog?  Well, I do....really!!!!  So, thank you.

Have a shiny, happy day, my friends!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Expo Score

Hi, friends.

Hope you are having a nice weekend so far.  I'm having a very nice one.  Yesterday I went to the Scrapbook Expo in NJ.  We left the house at 6:35 a.m. and did not get home until 6:45 p.m., nearly a full 12 hrs later and barely in time to greet our friends as they arrived for our monthly gamenight.  In fact, one friend was already here waiting for us in our living room when we got home.  Logan was home which was good so our friend didn't have to bake outside in the heat.  We should have been home much earlier and had planned on that but we hit major traffic on the way home which added 2 1/2 hrs to our day.

But traffic delays aside, I had a super duper day.  Expos are always fun for me.  I just love them.  For weeks leading up to the day of the expo, I anticipate what I might find there with great excitement.  Yesterday couldn't come soon enough for me so when my friend, Maria, and I finally got there, we were ready to shop!

Here is a picture of my newly acquired goodies.

I didn't go hogwild, though.  I printed out and took major advantage of the vendor provided coupons the expo sent me in an email.  I made a nice score on bling packages, vellum butterflies and a variety of lace trims for less than or for just a $1.  There were a few vendors selling washi tapes for $2.99 but we found another booth selling 2 for $4 and if you spent $20, you got a free glue dot dispenser.  So, I picked up a few rolls of pretty washi tape and even got 1 roll of lace washi tape.  I hadn't seen lace washi tape before and I can't wait to try that out on a new wedding album I'm making for a customer.

I picked up some white buttons that I very much needed since I recently noticed I had surprisingly little of in my stash.  I also got some twine in a variety of colors on a deal of 3 pks for $5.  Another great steal was found at a Fiskars selling booth where they had a deal of buy 3 punches, get a 4th free and at only $8 a piece you know with my LOVE of punches, I jumped on that in a heartbeat.  Now I have 4 new border punches in my drawer.  Whoo hoo!

But the deal I'm most happy about are the 4 sewn leatherette, D-ring binders I snagged at a price of just $12 each.  It was nearing the end of the day when we passed by the Pioneer album booth for the 2nd time.  Earlier in the day I'd specifically taken notice of the sign offering 1 binder for $20 or 2 binders for $30.  Normally, I wouldn't have given this booth a second glance as I have no need for D-ring binders or post bound scrapbook albums since I don't use either, but since Maria and I are planning on starting Project Life, (yes, I'm joining the Project Life band wagon.  Finally, right!?) I need binders in order to have a place to store my page protected chronicled weekly life.  When the vendor saw me examining the binder, he offered it to me for $15 instead of the advertised $20.  When I asked how much for 2, he said $12.50 each which he further cut down to $12 each when I asked for 4.  He also threw in a free glue stick and some kind of other adhesive which I gave to Maria.  These same binders go for $27.49 at AC Moore so I saved more than $60 right there.  Double Whoo hoo!!

My decision to start Project Life was simple, really.  I don't scrap layouts much anymore as I mainly make mini albums and I've noticed a decline in my picture taking because of it.  Hence, me not having a camera on me last week when Logan won MVP.  This fact creates a hole in documenting Logan's life which I vowed to do since there are so few pictures of my own childhood.  It also creates a need for me to get my pictures into albums but without journaling, they really won't mean much in years to come other than some random pics of random people doing random things.  Project Life offers the solution for me.  So with all that said, I brought the 4 binders and 2 pkgs of 6x12 page protectors.  I also picked up some packages of nifty expanding page protectors that adhere right to a regular page protector allowing me to add even more pictures to each week I create.  Now I just wish Becky Higgins' core kits would finally become available again.  When they are available, I'll order them and her 12x12 page protectors.

Ok, so I have to show you what happened as I was trying to take a picture of my new goodies.  First, Callie came to claim the stash as hers. 

Then, Dusty decided to take a nap. He's laying across my tulled, blingy butterflies and flowers.

My boys went to the beach today so I have the house to myself.  That's a triple Whoo hoo!!!  I'm hibernating in the a/c as it is 95 degrees right now outside but that's ok.  I've got plenty of new stuff to keep me busy.  Now I'm off to find places for all that new stuff.

Hope you are having a scrap happy day and keeping cool wherever you are.

Thanks for coming by!