Monday, September 5, 2011

Pretty & Organized

Hello, friends.

Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. I had a very nice weekend complete with a tasty bbq at a friend's house. It's unfortunately Monday night and the 3-day weekend is almost over but I was productive today.

Yesterday I took advantage of the 50% off coupons Mike's and Moore's were offering. I bought 6 new Jetmax cubes bringing my total cube count to 30. I have room for 3 more but I'll wait for another sale to get them. Jim put them together for me today and I spent the next few hours organizing my stash......yet again. BUT!! Most of my paper is now in the same location. I previously had it spread over 2 corners of my livingroom which was inconvenient. Take a look at the below picture. Isn't it pretty???? I LOVE that it's all in one place and it's organized into set groups. All my holiday paper to all my colored cardstock, excluding SU! paper, it's all neatly in its proper slot.

I even have all my dies and embossing folders which are in the decorative photo boxes on the left all organized too. I'm a very happy scrapper tonight.

Oh and because of the reorganization, I also now have room for another clip-it-up which I so desperately need. Yay!

Ok, I'm off to order that new clip-it-up.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mass Card Production


Just thought I'd show you what 110 cards looks like. That's right! I made 110 cards in a 4 day period. I'd made 45 of them over a weekend and then made the other 65 in one night. Talk about working my little fingers to the bone!

I was able to assemble the 65 in one night because I'd pre-cut, stamped and punched all the other pieces so it was just a matter of placing and adhering them to the actual card. Still, that kept me up until 2 am.

My company ordered these from me for a special event we were hosting and they wanted each attendee to receive a personalized thank you card. I not only made the 110 cards but I also hand wrote the sentiment in each one.

They gave me a roll of our company ribbon and I used that on the cards. It took a few tries but I figured out the measuring to get our company name visible on the bow. Once I'd gotten the length right, it was just a matter of measuring, marking and cutting. The cards are black and grey because those are our company logo colors. We no longer use the blue as a logo color but they had the ribbon laying around and suggested I somehow incorporate it into the card design.

Here they are all laid out.

A closer view of the front. They are all a bit different.

Here you can see both the front and inside of the card.

I guess they really liked the cards because yesterday they called me from Orlando where the event was being held and for which these cards were used to ask me to make 77 more cards for 2 other events we are holding. Whoo hoo!!!!

Guess I know what I'll be doing over the three day holiday weekend, huh? LOL

Thanks for looking! Have a great day friends.