Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend shots 11/20-21

Hi, everyone.

This was a kitty weekend for sure. Raven went to the clinic for spaying on Saturday. She came through the surgery just fine and was bouncing around that same night. She's got a shaved belly but her incision is already healing nicely.

Here's a picture of Jim and Gizmo taking a little nap yesterday afternoon. Cute, right?
Saturday night, we had our monthly gamenight. As usual, we had a great time. We had a new addition to our group. Lisa, a fabulous cat groomer, joined our group for the first time. In this picture, she was giving Gizmo a neck massage and he was just in his glory. Can you tell he was enjoying it? I'd never seen this done with a cat before but, boy, did he love it. If you live in the NY area and need your pet groomed (she does doggies, too) leave me a message and I'll give you Lisa's number. I highly recommend her.
Earlier in the day on Saturday, I took both Dusty and Bluebell to Lisa so she could groom them. They are both long haired kitties so they were in need of a little maintenance.
Here is my poor little Bluebell. He had a more than a few tangles in his long white, persian coat so rather than put him through the pain of trying to brush them out, Lisa, the groomer, suggested we give him what is called the Lion Cut. She did a great job of shaving him down. She was so gentle with both of my furbabies. She even gave Blue a bath- his first ever! He looks so tiny now without his long coat of fluff. What's funny is, Gizmo didn't seem to recognize him when we brought him home after his haircut. To tell you the truth, I, too, am having trouble recognizing my fluffball since he's no longer a fluffball.
The good news is his hair will grow back in a few months and he'll go back to looking like my persian fluffball but in the meantime, I won't have white tumbleweeds rolling across my hardwood floors. LOL
Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What a difference a day or two makes

Happy Wednesday!

Remember this tree from Monday's post? Remember how filled its branches were with bright, brilliant yellow leaves? Quite different now, huh? It's amazing how quickly it changed. While I'm a little saddened by the loss of such beauty, I know it's only temporary. In a few months that tree will start the cycle again and fill my world with renewed life and color.

Here's hoping your day is filled with beauty and color!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend shots 11/13-14

We went out to Long Island to an animal shelter to take Raven in for shots and pre-spaying bloodwork. On the way back, we got stuck at a light and this gorgeous cluster of bushes was on my right. I just had to take a picture of it. It was such a deep red - deeper than the picture shows and it bordered the whole property line of the house behind it. This shot was taken while we were driving by at 50 miles per hour. I saw a few swans in the bay so I just put my camera up and hoped for the best. I didn't expect to get a picture of even one of them but there it is. You can just make out the white swan.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Math Project Grade

Hi, everyone.

This is just a quick post to let you know Logan received a grade of 98 on the Interesting Interest math project.

It would seem the teacher deducted 2 points because he didn't show how he rounded up the dollar amounts. On the other hand, she and the class were blown away by the colorful background.

Oh well, 98 ain't too shabby, right? LOL

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Math Project

Here is Logan's latest math project. They've been learning about interest on a loan. We worked on this last night and he brought it into school today.

We originally just glued the chipboard letters on but then I thought the better of it and decided to brad them to the oak tag to ensure they would stay put. I also used foam strips to elevate the work pages and give it some added dimension.
Can you tell I took this picture in the car this morning as we were leaving for school? The first picture of the project was taken on the street asphalt. I remembered this time to take a picture before he brought it into school. It never comes home looking the same as it did when he brought it in so I never get pictures of his projects. I got it right this time. Guess my brain was working for a change.
I hope this kid of mine not only appreciates my help but that he gets a good grade on this since I used a lot of scrappy supplies on it! But then again, now I have an excuse to go to Michael's, right? After all, I have to replace my chipboard letters and brads, don't I? Come on people, agree with me!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Upsetting Blunder

If you read my previous posts, you learned that Halloween marked one year my mom has been gone. If you didn't read my previous post, then you just found out. Either way, I'm sure you can understand my being sad over the weekend. Heck, I'm sad everyday that I can't talk to her but this past weekend was a little tougher.

Anyway, in last Saturday's mail I received a card from the funeral home. Well, I didn't know it was from the funeral home initially as there was no return address on the envelope. Upon opening it, I realized from whom it came. While you're probably saying, "that's a nice gesture on the part of the funeral home", read on.

This is the front of the card. Here is what was inside...
Obviously, my name is not Marianthi. They put the wrong card in the envelope meant for me. I can only imagine who received the card addressed to me.
I found this very upsetting, so much so that I went to the funeral home on Sunday prior to going to Leo's to advise them of their blunder. I told them that while I appreciated their gesture, they needed to be more careful as they are dealing with people's emotions and a simple error like this should not take place. A silly blunder like this defeats the intended purpose of the card rendering it to an empty gesture. An embarrassed apology was all they could offer. Perhaps, they'll be more attentive in the future.

A Few Halloween Sights

On Halloween, we went upstate to visit with Leo and Andi and they took us to the famous town of Sleepy Hollow. I'd never been there so it was a new experience for me. As we were driving through the area, I saw this sign and made Jim pull over so I could take a picture of it. This was a nice condominium development right on the Hudson River but the sign caught my eye.

Here is Jim and Leo. Yes, they were walking around in Kmart with those costumes on.
This was a pretty collection of leaf colors outside Leo's chiropractic office. It was much more vibrant in real life.

And this beauty was in Andi's garden. It was not only a lovely shade of pink but it was a very fragrant rose, too. It was nearly sunset at this time so the picture is dark but I think you can appreciate how pretty it is.

Hope you enjoyed! Come back soon!

Weekend shots 10/30-10/31

Hello, blogger friends.

I've been very negligent in posting my weekend pics but here are mine for last weekend.

This is the tree outside my house and a little bit to the right. It was a brilliant sight against the blue sky. The picture doesn't do it justice. On Sunday, we went to Sleepy Hollow, about an hour north of NYC. Yes, it's the same Sleepy Hollow of the Headless Horseman tale. We went to a historic manor to take a tour but opted not to once we arrived. They did have a quaint but pricey gift shop. I saw this display tree with all these birds hanging from it and had to take a picture of it. Sunday was the 1 year anniversary of my mom's passing and she loved birds. I felt that she was near me when I saw the pretty birds.

I'll be back later. Have a great day!