Thursday, February 10, 2011

Round 2

Hi, friends.

Remember my story about how much trouble we had dressing my beloved son that day when he was going to do a sit-in at the high school? Of course, you do. I was very graphic and provided you play by play details of our wardrobe malfunctions.

Remember how I hoped that was a dress rehearsal and the next day would be better? (I know some of you laughed at my optimism.) wasn't. Behold! This is darling son heading over to neighbor's house for tie tying. Notice the pajama bottoms.

Turning into their pathway.

And here we are just about to knock on the door again.

Yes, I asked him to make sure his tie was ok. Yes, I asked darling husband to double make sure. Husband left for work. Kid put tie on and it all went to hell in a handbasket. Tie was all askew and it very quickly became apparent we were seriously in need of the neighbor's help again.
If anyone knows of a tie tying tutorial, send it on....please!
I have news! Logan has made his decision as to where he will be attending high school in the fall.
He has chosen St. John's Prep. I've paid the annual (yes, you read that right...annual) $350 non-refundable registration fee so he's committed. Surprisingly, the fact that St. J's is co-ed was not his only reasoning for choosing it. He cited a number of reasons which made us very happy that he weighed the choices carefully.
So, with the decision made, we can all sit back and relax for a while. It's been a very stressful few months not knowing where he was going to go for high school, all the different tests he had to take and all the applications we had to fill out. I, for one, am very happy it's over.
Have a nice day and thanks for coming by.