Sunday, March 21, 2010

Courtney's cj

Well, it's been some time since I updated my blog. Sorry for that, folks. I've been busy with school projects and everyday life so I've neglected this little piece of me. What else is new, right?

It was a glorious weekend weather-wise. Just absolutely perfect; the way it should be all the time. Don't I wish! But even with the lovely weather calling me outside, I was productive and finished 2 cj's; one of which is Courtney's.
Here is Courtney's "4 Things I've Repurposed for Scrapping".
I, again, went outside of my comfort color palette. I still have to do the sign-in but I couldn't remember what it is supposed to be. Once I confirm that, I'll zip it up and get it posted.
Here's wishing you a great week.


courtney said...

Oooooooohhhhhh! I love it Serene! The colours are great, and I love your repurposed items! I didn't realize mine was next on the fun!
For your tag, you just need to use a repurposed item....or two....or get the idea! Oh and a pic and your name and all that stuff!

Kathi said...

Ok - I can't figure out how to see the bigger pictures of your LO, 'cause I really want to see what you did with your pantry. And, what's on those hangers anyway? Coffee filters? Tell me more!

Melissa said...

Oh Serene, I love it! One of my favorite color combos, and I just love what you did with the eyelet border punch!

luv46kdz said...

Love the colors Serene!! A blush brush, what a good idea. I never thought of what I was doing with my stuff as repurposing, but I have. Grea work!

No lie, my security word is hurpez, eeewww gross! ;)

Serene said...

Courtney - yours wasn't next on the list. I goofed. L was yelling at me for going out of order and then posting them. Ooops!

P - funny word, indeed. LOL

Kathi - I don't know why you are unable to see the larger pics but let's see if I can explain it better for you. I have an over the door, 6 shelf "pantry" rack that I hung on the inside of a closet door. It was originally designed for vhs tapes. When vhs went the way of the dodo, we used the racks for cd's. Then we got rid of the cd cases and put the cd's into leather books designed for that purpose. That left me with all those extra shelves which I now use for scrap storage. 2 1/2 shelves have my cricut carts, another has acrylic paints, etc. It's great b/c being that I don't have a scraproom, I can hide those not used all the time items away and keep them safe. I also hang my ribbon hangars on the rack shelves and keep that closet door closed which is necessary with 4 cats in the house who love to play with ribbon. I use Ribbon Rings to store my ribbons. I have 1 ring for each color of the spectrum and then some. Each ring has about a 100 tabs on it which hold the ribbon. I hang the metal rings on the hangars where the cutout is for spaghetti strapped clothing. The coffee filters are used when I work with glitter. They are wider mouthed and make it easier for pouring back unused glitter. The blush brush is used for wiping excess glitter off the project...or the table surface when the project is completed. LOL The coffee filter and brush were not my ideas, though. I saw them being used by PK Glitz, a glitter /embossing powder vendor, at a few conventions.

Melissa - cool with the border punch, right? I don't know what made me think of doing that but I like the result. It looks like doilies, doesn't it?

Elaine. said...

great ideas, love the framing around the pic and the colors, wow, fabulous

Lisa said...

You done good S! Like the colors you've used.
I can't make the pics bigger either but need to see what that pantry rack is all about!!
It does look like doilies around the pics! How cool!

and can I just not say
hehehehe on P's word!