Thursday, February 10, 2011

Round 2

Hi, friends.

Remember my story about how much trouble we had dressing my beloved son that day when he was going to do a sit-in at the high school? Of course, you do. I was very graphic and provided you play by play details of our wardrobe malfunctions.

Remember how I hoped that was a dress rehearsal and the next day would be better? (I know some of you laughed at my optimism.) wasn't. Behold! This is darling son heading over to neighbor's house for tie tying. Notice the pajama bottoms.

Turning into their pathway.

And here we are just about to knock on the door again.

Yes, I asked him to make sure his tie was ok. Yes, I asked darling husband to double make sure. Husband left for work. Kid put tie on and it all went to hell in a handbasket. Tie was all askew and it very quickly became apparent we were seriously in need of the neighbor's help again.
If anyone knows of a tie tying tutorial, send it on....please!
I have news! Logan has made his decision as to where he will be attending high school in the fall.
He has chosen St. John's Prep. I've paid the annual (yes, you read that right...annual) $350 non-refundable registration fee so he's committed. Surprisingly, the fact that St. J's is co-ed was not his only reasoning for choosing it. He cited a number of reasons which made us very happy that he weighed the choices carefully.
So, with the decision made, we can all sit back and relax for a while. It's been a very stressful few months not knowing where he was going to go for high school, all the different tests he had to take and all the applications we had to fill out. I, for one, am very happy it's over.
Have a nice day and thanks for coming by.


Melissa said...

Serene, Seth and I learned how to tie a necktie by searching on Google - found these. I think the video is the one that we found most helpful in seeing an actual knot being tied. HTH! :)

Melissa said...

This also might help :)

Barb said...

Thanks to Melissa. I was going to look them up, too. I have sent people there before to learn to tie a tie!! But in Jim's defense, it is nearly impossible to tie a tie on someone else. Everything is backwards. I remember my Jim trying to do it for the boys!! LOL LOL

Glad Logan made his decision. I know he will do great because he made the decision. Blessings to him as he starts high school soon.

I know you would like to think it is over...but girl, with a has just begun!! Hang tight!!! LOL LOL

Susan said...

I was just about to say what Barb's nearly impossible to tie a tie on someone else! DH use to ask me to do it and I couldn't transpose the knot in my brain!

You should have Logan practice once a day during the summer, though. Just for good measure!

courtney said...

Tying a tie on someone else is nearly impossible. I've had to do it over their shoulder, as if I was tying it on myself, but then their shoulders and head get in the way. Best advice, get your neighbour to give Logan a tutorial and then he needs to practice, practice, practice! Being not the best dressers is an eccentriciy the acedemically gifted are afforded. Just remember that, Serene! lol

Congrats to Logan on choosing his school! Best wishes for his continued success....both in acedemics and figuring out his tie!

Lisa said...

I'm in agreement with everyone else that tying a tie on someone else is not an easy thing. Guess we can add tye tying to Logan's summer schedule!

Glad he made his decision and that the stress and worry for that part is over. As Barb said... hold on girl!

Serene said...

Thank you, Melissa, for the tie tying link and thanks to the rest of you wonderful friends, for the support and well wishes.

Courtney - I loved your comment. Made me think of that famous quote by Einstein about wearing stripes with plaid or something like that. Thanks for the laugh.

Lisa - you are right. He's gonna practice until he can do it with his eyes closed. LOL

Elaine. said...

glad he made a decision, and glad all 3 brothers and husband know how manage their own ties! Way to go Logan, proud mama and daddy, great job

luv46kdz said...

Having sent the 1st 3 to Catholic school the annual re-reg is ingrained in the memory as is the darn mandatory fundraising and volunteering. Glad he's made his choice :)