Thursday, November 17, 2011

The state of the affair

We went to a Sweet 16 party last Saturday for the daughter of our next door neighbors.  I thought I'd show you the current state of the modern affair.  After attending this event, we were happy we have a son!

This first picture is of the cocktail hr which took place in the sort of lobby of the Grand Hyatt hotel in NYC.  What you can barely make out way in the back is a backdrop.  As guests arrived, they were greeted by a "red carpet" emcee who interviewed them complete with microphone.  While 4 video cameras rolled, we were asked to announce who we were, how we knew the family and send our well wishes to the honoree.  After that, we moved to a frozen drink station where bartenders blendered up some frosty goodness.  We mingled in this area with butler served hors d'oeuvres for more than an hr.  To the left and right of me were different stations, pasta, carving, and a multitude of buffet style foods.

Next is the ballroom.  One side had all the kids, the other was the adults. You are looking at the kid side. You can see the flatscreen tv in the background that played a video of the honoree.  There were a number of TV's throughout the cocktail room and ballroom playing the video.
This is the centerpiece.  We were graciously given the one on our table which was huge.  I had no place to display it at home so I broke it up into 4 different vases.  1 vase had over 4 dozen roses in it. 
Notice the boom on this video camera.
Here we have the dj's.  I think they were absolutely inappropriately dressed for the event.  I'd have deducted money from their bill for showing up like this.  They also didn't play anything for us old fogies.  Jim kept waiting for a slow song so we could dance.  Never happened.
The backlit seat of honor after her grand entrance.
Logan and her brother, Raja.  Poor kids were relegated to a table of 10 boys.  With so many girls in the room, Logan didn't stay there long. 
Live entertainment. Don't ask me her name.  She's some up-and-coming teeny bopper who had her entire entourage with her while she sang 3 songs.
The goofy boys gawking at the girls.  I had to laugh at this.
Not my son, though.  He was right in there with the girls.  
The man with the microphone is our local congressman.
 Mother of the honoree and my goofy husband who's in desperate need of a haircut.
Ok, someone please tell me what is going on here.  When did showing bras become acceptable and what is the deal with the babydoll nighty length dresses?   There were many of those at the event.  Oh, I might add.  Logan was pleased by their fashion choices.  Typical teen boy!  LOL 
It was quite the expensive affair.  Far cry from the sweet 16 I had almost 3 decades ago.  Ack!  Has it been that long?   Guess old fogie really fits.   Yikes!!!!


Melissa said...

Looks like it was quite the affair! I don't understand those "fashion choices" either...

Elaine. said...

wow, what a party!!! Looks like Logan had lots of fun, eh, and you got a night out with the family and friends

luv46kdz said...

Yup these things are now even more elaborate than a freaking wedding. Those girls mothers are not too smart those dresses looked absurd with the bras out!!

Logan looks so handsome! And yes the boys just love it all ;)

Staci said...

Your Logan is so handsome! When my son was turning 16 last year, I asked him if he wanted a big party. He said all he wanted was a cake LOL.

Marlene said...

WOW, what a party, I hope she had fun. Your son is so handsome, what a blessing. My parents had 4 girls our celebration was for our 15th. We did our little thing at home and it was great.
I think a collage education is more important but if you have the
money, why not.