Friday, May 4, 2012

Combating Discrimination

Happy Friday!

As I mentioned yesterday, here is a little bit about the other event that took place during our very busy weekend.  I'm telling you, these kids keep us hopping!

Logan and Raja recently took part in a six week long video production workshop for young adults.  The workshop which met on Sunday afternoons was designed to give students basic media literacy skills by exploring the impact of media messages and enhance their knowledge about the human rights laws.  The kids were broken down into three groups and each group created a public service announcement video addressing bias, stereotyping and discrimination.  These videos will be used by the NYC Human Rights Commission in hundreds of their annual public presentations in classroom or community settings, new online training formats and in numerous links for web-based social networking.

Last Saturday, the videos were debuted at an event attended by local politicians.  Jim and I had had not seen the videos so we did not know what to expect but upon seeing them, we were blown away by their message and impact.   Here is the video Logan was part of.  I was told by the Commissioner that this was his concept they used.  Here is another video.  This one has Raja's sister in it.  This is the last video.

The lady on the far left is Patricia Gatling, Commissioner of the NYC Department of Human Rights.  She presented the kids with their certificates of 12 hrs of community service.

Here's a picture of all the kids who participated. 

Hopefully, the videos these young people who worked together to create will make a difference.

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy your upcoming weekend!


Jenn said...

That is awesome, You must be so proud!!

luv46kdz said...

I'm sure you and Jim must be very proud of Logan : )

Staci said...

That's wonderful! Love when I'm inspired by our youth! Have a great weekend.

Serene said...

Thank you, everyone. I agree, Staci. Those kids really did a wonderful job and truly gave me hope for the future.

courtney said...

Wow. Amazing work from some obviosuly amazing young minds.

Melissa said...

That's awesome! Great work by the kids!

Lisa said...

Oh how awesome! Seems I remember you telling me something about this! How great for him and his friends to be able to participate! I can see your proup mommy stance! :)