Monday, August 6, 2012

Newest Wedding Mini Album

Well, here's my latest mini that I completed this past weekend while I hibernated in the house away from the heat and yucky humidity outside. 

I did some new things in this book.  I love incorporating new stuff in my books.  Not only does that make them more interesting but it keeps me from getting bored. 

I did some major layering on the "W" page but stoopid me forgot to take an individual picture of it.    Please forgive the stinky picture below.  There's some bad glare going on there but lighting is always a problem for me in this house.   This is the back of the "W"
"E" front.

"E" back.

"D" front.  This page opens up which allows for three pictures.

Here is a shot with the mat open.

"D" back.

2nd "D" front.

2nd "D" back.

"I" front.  This mat opens up allowing 3 pictures on this page.

"I" back.

So here on this "N" page I tried something totally new for me.  I made a waterfall!!!  I'm so proud of this and it actually works.  By pulling the glittered embellie tab on the right, the photo mats will open and slide to the left.  It's so cool!  I just love it.  You had to hear my glee when it worked.

I pulled the tab a bit and now you can see the first photo mat is standing.  I stamped some journaling lines on the back of it.  
In this picture, I pulled the tab some more and the 2nd mat is now standing. 

Here you can see the back side of the 2nd mat. 
Again, I stamped some journaling lines.  And as a little surprise, I stamped a silver heart on the tab that is hidden until the tab is pulled.   The heart disappears when the tab is pushed back in.   Have I said how much I just love this waterfall?  Ha! ha! 
"N" back.
This mat opens up too and tucks under the embellie to keep it tacked down when turning the pages. 
"G" front.  I included an organza pouch which slips under the mat.  I left some breathing room with this mat to allow for a keepsake in the pouch.
This page has double fold out photo mats which tuck under the flower in the center and jewel brads on the sides.
 With the fold outs, this page has room for 10 pictures.
Here is another first for me.  I actually used a transparency!   I've always been afraid of using these even though I love them.  I didn't do a lot on this page because I wanted the transparency itself to be the feature but the mats on both sides are large and allow for a full 4 x 6 picture. 

And this is the last page and yet another first for me.  I've had a package of borders forever and finally decided to use some of them on this mini.  I placed that bottom border but it just looked like it was missing something.  It's a pretty border but it was obvious that it needed something more.  I spent a lot of time trying to come up with something that would perk up the border.  I tried different things to no avail until I came across the I Rock tool and jewels in one of my drawers.  It was given to me by a friend named Lisa a while ago but I never used it until now.   Thank you, Lisa!!!  Silly me for not using it sooner.  What a great little gadget it is and those little jewels turned out to be exactly what I needed to finish off that border and page.  
Here is a closer look at the border with the jewels.   Again, thank you, Lisa, for my nifty I Rock and jewels.  No more little bits of glue dots peeking out from under the jewels.
So, there you have it; my latest mini.  I hope you enjoyed it and that my customer likes it.  

Also hoping you all have a great day!


Staci said...

You always do such lovely work! TFS.

Jenn said...

Have missed you on the blog! Welcome back! Always love what you do with the "word" albums (have never tried one myself) you make them look so fun!!

Serene said...

Thanks, Staci, for the kind words.

Hi, Jenn. Thanks so much for the warm welcome back.

I love word albums. They are indeed lots of fun and always give me such a feeling of accomplishment when I've completed one. You have to try making one yourself.

luv46kdz said...

Love it! Thank you for the waterfall idea, I'm making a wedding album of Des' wedding that I want to keep and this is a great idea for incorperating more pics, I'll have to see if it'll work wiith mine : )

Sondra said...

Absolutely stunning! I love your mini-albums! I know what you mean about the waterfall, I couldn't believe it when the one I made for a card worked... I hadn't thought to try one for an album.

Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Lisa said...

Love the mini! As always, your work is beautiful. Your waterfall is awesome! Congrats on making it!
Glad the iRock is working for you.

courtney said...

Amazing! Love all the details, and that waterfall is super cool!

Kathi said...

Wow. Serene - this really rocks! It's so beautiful and chock full of goodies. It's so fun when new technique work this great.

Susan said...

What a beautiful album full of texture! Just gorgeous! Loving that page that hold ten pictures!