Monday, October 1, 2012

Sleeping Beauties

I caught this picture very early on Saturday morning.  While this is not the most flattering picture of my son with his bedhead, it is a great picture and I just love it.  As you can see, there is a little while paw sticking out from under the blanket touching his face.  That's Gizmo sleeping next to Logan under the blanket.  Gizzy often sleeps with Logan and always needs to have a paw touching Logan's face or chin.  I peeked under the blanket after taking this picture and Gizzy was all nestled into Logan's chest.  It was so cute to see them cuddled together like that.
Here's a small example of feline agility.  Giz can often be found in the craziest of sleeping positions. 
What can I say?  Gizmo is just that kind of cat.  Gotta love him! 


Sondra said...


luv46kdz said...

that's when they still seem little. I'm sure Logan is like - Maaaaa!

Melissa said...

Aww how sweet! Fluffy sleeps in odd positions sometimes too. :)

Lisa said...

too cute! What I want to know is when did Logan get old enough to be needing to shave??