Friday, January 22, 2010

Go Jets

Yesterday afternoon, I got a call from my son and this is how the conversation went:

Logan: "Mom, I need you to get me green face paint"

Me: "Ok, for when."

Logan: "Tomorrow"

Me: "Are you kidding? Why?"

Logan: "Jets Spirit Day at school."

There was more to the conversation but those of you with kids, know what came next. So, after work, I ran to Toys 'R Us to get some green face paint where I got sent to all corners of the store by unknowledgeable employees only to discover that they don't sell face paint in the first place. I then went next door to a Party City where again, I got sent to a number of wrong aisles. Finally, I found that elusive tube of green paint. I also bought a tube of white just in case.

This morning, we got up a little extra early to allow for "makeup" application. We'd searched the net last night for examples of Jets fans' painted faces to no avail so we opted for a simple bi-color design. I have a green middle finger now but my son went to school very happy with the results. Here is a pic of how my kid looked. Notice the green sweatshirt too. Go Jets!


courtney said...'re such a good mama! Seems he's happy with the results...and you know, he looks pretty good in green!

Melissa said...

How cute!

luv46kdz said...

J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!! Yes sireee!!! we want them to go ALL THE WAY

and that Sanchez is a frigging hottie ;)

Susan said...

Oh the things we do for our kiddos, even if it means going to work with a green finger! LOL! Let's just hope it washes off and doesn't stain, for both your sakes!
BTW just passing this along to you:

Lisa said...

You get Mom Of The Month Award! I remember those days.... Matt could always be counted on for last minute notice!
Logan looks Fabulous!