Monday, January 25, 2010

Honest Award

My scrap pal, Lora, has tasked me with listing 10 honest things about myself so here they are...

1. I’m a bit of a perfectionist. Ok, maybe a bit more than a bit. Some of my darling scrappy friends (and you know who you are) call me an over-achiever but I just think that comes from my need to have it just right.
2. I tend to over-think things. If someone makes a comment, I sometimes wonder if there is more meaning behind it or should I take it at face value. Unfortunately, I’ve learned the hard way that you can’t always take people at face value, for it may be a phony face they are showing you.
3. To my detriment sometimes, I’m extremely sensitive. I get hurt very easily but I think it also allows me to feel great love, passion and compassion. I can cry because of a Disney commercial just as easily as I can at someone’s cruel remark.
4. Poker is not my game because I’m completely incapable of hiding my feelings whether it be great joy, displeasure or a pair or aces in the hole. I am "all-out" there for all to see.
5. I get impatient with non-English speaking customer service representatives. That drives me bonkers! I don’t know if it’s a mental block or perhaps because I’m nearly deaf in my right ear, but I have such trouble understanding accents.
6. I hate people who snail on the road like they are the only ones on it. Get out of my freaking way already and as Lisa and Elaine can vouch, I use my horn…frequently! I sometimes wish I could have a fire truck’s or an 18 wheeler’s horn installed in my car just so I could wake up the slow-pokes in front of me.
7. I can be bossy. I certainly don’t mean to come off that way but unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with that gift that some people have of being able to say something off-color or cheeky and get away with it.
8. In keeping with the bossy-ness, I sometimes have a hard time with authority. I don’t do well taking orders and never would have made it in the military. Thank goodness I listened to my mother and didn’t enlist in the Coast Guard for I surely would have ended up in Leavenworth or the like.
9. I can be stubborn and have even been known to hold a grudge. However, with the loss of my mother recently, I’m trying to let go of all that because life really is too short.
10. I like to give presents. I wish I was wealthy so that every time I heard a loved one or a friend say, “I wish I could…” or “I wish I had…”, I would be able to make that happen for that person.

So there you have it. 10 honest things about me. This was an interesting task; kind of forces one to acknowledge things about oneself that we may not want to but I had fun and I was honest so I've earned my award.

According to the rules, I'm also tasked with forwarding this on to three people whose blogs I find brilliant in content and/or design; or those who have encouraged me. I have to tell them they've been awarded Honest Scrap, and inform them of the guidelines. Now again, this is not necessarily an easy thing to do. All of my scrap friends are brilliant and they have certainly all encouraged me. I'm going to bestow this award on Carrie, Jessica and Emma as we are just getting to know Jessica and Emma now. I'd originally chosen Elaine but after a quick visit over to Melissa's blog, I noticed that she'd also chosen Elaine so I'll change mine.


Elaine. said...

I love your cat pic and rules, they crack me up. On with your honesty. YOu forgot that you are a wonderful tour guide and can get anyone in and out of NYC and that's deserves more than a few well deserved honks. And you are a wonderful mother to an outstanding son. And you are a quick learner in the art field and your perfectionistic quality produces some wonderful works of art, so enjoy it. And you work your tail off and come home and still work to take care of your family. I'm sorry to hear of your mother's death. She left behind a legacy of love. You!

luv46kdz said...

Oh Serene, I don't think I'd take you any other way than how you are, and we share a lot of the same quirks ;) I need to get busy myself.

Serene said...

Ok, you guys made me cry. Stop it! I just told you I was sensitive! LOL Thanks for your kind words.

Melissa said...

Serene, we're alike in a lot of ways. What's also funny is that the song that just started playing at the bottom brought back memories for me.. I used to listen to Wilson Phillips when I was younger. Even had their cassette tape! Sorry for stealing Elaine.. we should have her do 20, eh? :)

Lisa said...

Perfectionist.. no... Over-achiever... yes!
You DO over think things...but at least when you are done thinking about them you know you've covered all the bases!
Impatient and bossy and stubborn.... you????nah....BUT, you are a Yankee!
and... I love you just the way YOU ARE!