Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Proud Mommy

I'm a very proud mom today. I was strutting my proud mommy feathers last night as Logan was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society for the second year in a row. It was a nice ceremony complete with the singing of the National Anthem by a graduating student who did a good job at such a hard song and candle lightings symbolizing things such as knowledge, scholarship, citizenship and character.

There were 130 new students inducted last night of which the principal was very proud as were the parents, naturally. Because of the amount of kids being inducted last night, the auditorium of the school was standing room only and a few of the parents I was sitting with and I all agreed they should have had a ceremony for each grade rather than doing it all at once because it was so very crowded and hot in the auditorium. Many parents couldn't even make it into the auditorium and were forced to stand in the vestibule. Perhaps they will do it differently next year. I'll make a teeny suggestion to the principal tonight when I see her at the pta elections at which I'll be re-running for the treasurer position.

Here is the certificate my son received last night. This is a picture of my son just after he received his award last week for high honors within his academy. This was a separate award ceremony. My darn camera is so slow to take the picture that I missed him shaking hands with the Dean as he received his award.

This is a picture of him debuting his trombone playing. He is the second from the left. Sorry for the darkness of the picture. I was kind of far away and the flash didn't offer enough light. This was at the award ceremony last week. He only started playing the trombone just this past October as did most of the kids in the band. They did an amazing job on the 3 songs that they played. I had tears in my eyes as they played and I wasn't alone. A few of the parents standing along side of me got all misty too.
This is when they stood for their much deserved applause. Parents were cheering and it was a great moment for them.
Here is a picture of Logan at his last regular season game this past Monday night. They lost this game but they start the playoffs tomorrow night.

And here are some of the rest of the team. Not all of the kids showed for the pictures so there are a bunch missing.

And of course, here is Raven. She is exploring my pocketbook here. She's growing so fast and is just as adorable as you'd expect a kitten to be. Is this what they mean when they say the cat's in the bag?
Oh and take a look at why my red impatiens are not doing so well. Could it be the black cat who's made my flowerbox her own personal perch? This is Raven's mother, Jet. She's looking mighty comfortable, isn't she? Talk about getting busted! Gotcha!
So, as you can see, it's been a busy couple of weeks but they have been filled with some wonderful stuff. I'm so very proud of my son. He is the joy of my life.
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Lisa said...

Congrats to Logan! I know he's worked hard and you've helped hard!! Enjoy your proud momma moment!
How funny is Raven! That's just too cute!

Barb said...

Congrats to Logan and to you two parents, too!! Without your care, enthusiasm and encouragement he would not have done it!! Kudos to you, too!! Strut your stuff, mama!! You have the right!!!

Melissa said...

Indeed, you *should* be proud! Congrats to Logan, and to you and Jim as well!

Raven is so cute!

luv46kdz said...

You should be proud of him Mama! What a great boy you have there lady.

That kittie is just too cute :)