Thursday, June 3, 2010

Club Getaway

Hello, everyone. Hope you are enjoying the month of June so far. I can't believe half the year is gone already. Only 17 days left of school and 7th grade will be done. Mom wasn't kidding when she said, "once they start school, the years fly by". God rest her.

Logan went on a school trip last week to a resort located in upstate New York called Club Getaway. I'd never heard of it before this but he said it was a great place and he had a lot of fun. I wasn't able to go on this trip so another mom was kind enough to take some pics of him for me. Thanks, Maria!
Here he is rock wall climbing.
Chess, anyone?
Chess not your game? Ok, how about some bungy-ing?
As you can see, he really did have a lot of fun. I can tell you this, I certainly never went on trips to places like this when I was young. Lucky kid, isn't he?
Our newest addition who has yet to be named is doing well. We've had her a week and she's already grown some. She is jumping off the couch and showing her fearless but playful little personality. We all have lots of fun laughing at her cuteness as she explores the house. We've trained her to lap her kitten replacement milk from a small dish but here's a pic of Jim feeding her while she was still on the bottle. Precious, isn't she?
Oh and I thought I'd show you how well my flowers are doing on my porch. They're filling out nicely.
Well, lunch is half over and I have to run.
Wishing you a happy day!


luv46kdz said...

the flowers filled in so nicely! Looks like Logan had a great time on the trip. Neat place.

Look at that baby drinking from the bottle, so cute :)

Lisa said...

Ohhh the flowers are filling out nicely! What fun Logan looks as if he had. And the baby.... you can't help but smile...but I thought Jim wasn't allowed near her?

Melissa said...

Your flowers look beautiful! Wow, Logan certainly did have a nice time, didn't he? I didn't get to go anywhere like that either. :)

The baby is so cute!

Barb said...

Your flowers look so pretty. I bet people on the street are enjoying them, too. Logan is so handsome. It looks like he had a great time. We didn't go places like that either.

Love the pick of Jim and the kitty. I think that is precious. That little kitty in those big hands. He is so gentle with it!! Love it!!

Kathi said...

Such a tiny, little kitty. So cute.

And looks like Logan had a blast! Maybe next year you can take some time off and go with him on the fun trips.