Thursday, January 27, 2011

Storm #7

Here we go again...another 16 inches of snow courtesy of storm #7. Unbelievable! Just unbelievable!

It is officially the snowiest January ever with more than 36 inches of snow. That's not counting the 22 inches we got in December that never melted. Crazy! Mother Nature is off her rocker and I'd personally like to kick her back on it!

Schools are closed today, lucky Logan and the other million school students in this city. My office is open but I can't go in because I can get out of my block. There hasn't been a plow yet to come down my block and the snow is knee deep in the street. It's a heavy snow, too, full of lots of moisture. Great for snow balls but bad for shoveling.

We're all home today but the boys will be going out soon to shovel the driveway.

This is the view up the block. You can see the sunrise in the background.

Here's the view down the block.

Say hi to Kristina and Susan, my neighbors. Susan was uncovering her car while Kristina was attempting to get to work this morning. Notice the chest high pile of snow behind her. That is a collection of snow from our shoveled pathway in front of our house and it's been growing steadily higher since December.

We were up early as you can see, earlier than the sun. Jim was out there shoveling at 5 am.

Gizmo and Raven romping in the snow. They were having a good time.

Do you see that mound of snow in the middle of the picture? There is a car under all that snow. It's been buried there since the blizzard back in December. They didn't even bother to dig out yet. Guess they are waiting til spring.

My poor car.

I'm known for loving winter but even I must admit that this has been a tough one. I can't remember a winter with this much snow. I've had enough and am looking forward to spring and the great thaw! For those of you in warm weather climates, enjoy it.


Barb said...

Oh my goodness, Serene!! Does not even look a bit amusing even in pictures!!

Your pictures are great, though! Love the ominous one with the dark winter clouds on the horizon. I can still remember those from when we lived in Ohio. You knew what was coming!!

I am sitting here in the living room typing in 70 degrees and my feet and hands are cold just looking at all this. I know we could never stand it anymore!!!

Please stay warm and when it is clear enough to go out...stay safe!

PS. Has Logan decided where he has chosen to go to school??

Staci said...

I wouldn't mind if I never saw snow again. My 5 and 6 year year old students got off the bus with the gloomiest faces yesterday. I asked a few of them what was wrong. Their answer? "I don't like snow anymore. There's too much!" It's official! The babies are even tired of snow.
My asthma and carpal tunnel syndrome are tired of it too!

Serene said...

You're right, Barb. It's certainly no fun. "Enough already", is all I can say. It's a bummer I had to use a personal day so early in the year because we haven't seen a plow yet and my street is impassible.

Logan hasn't decided which school yet. He's going to do a sit-in on 2/1 at McClancy. He'll get to spend a day there going thru classes as if he were a freshman. That should help him to a decision.

Serene said...

Oh Staci! You know it's bad when the little ones don't like it anymore. Just sad, so sad! My son used to love snow and he's miserable now after all the shoveling.

Melissa said...

Wow, what a storm it was! We had a bit of snow yesterday, but it didn't stick here. Stay warm!

Susan said...

Well we may not have as much snow here as you've got there, but I'm tired of it too! It snows, it melts, it snows again, it melts again! I would hate to think that it never melted in between though. Looks like you'll be lucky if it melts by June! Stay warm, my friend!

Lisa said...

Looks like a big ole yucky MESS! Add this to the growing list of reasons as to why you should move SOUTH! I've not seen snow yet this year! Will a flake or two.. but that's it!

Serene said...

It is a big ole mess. Funny you should say that, Lisa. Just tonight over dinner Logan said we should move south!

Elaine. said...

Gosh, S, it looks like we live really close to each other !! Those silly kitties. Jims done a great job of shoveling. We did the roofs yesterday, already have some leaks from the the frozen ice, from layers ago...enjoy the cold, package some of that snow for summer heat!