Monday, January 31, 2011

A birthday and more snow

Hello, friends.

We've had a busy few days between snow storms and birthday celebrations.

We took Caterina out for her birthday on Saturday night. Her actual b-day was the 27th. We went to our favorite Spanish restaurant and had a fabulous meal, as usual.

The kids ordered the shell steak and I think Cat was shocked to see how big it was. She ate half and took a doggy bag home for her Mom who wasn't feeling well and didn't come with us.

Now, take a look at this. Ever see those pictures of a cat in a teacup? How about a cat in a basket? I don't know how but Bluebell managed to get his whole body inside this basket. Talk about adorable! Oh and as you can see, Raven got jealous as I was taken pics of Blue so she had to finagle her way into the shot.

This was last Thurs after we got another 19.2 inches of snow. Schools were closed and I had no choice but to stay home because we hadn't seen a plow all day. My street was impassible and when a plow did come through, it came up the wrong way and pushed the snow to the left side of the street effectively burying my car. So much for parking on the correct side to avoid having to shovel out from the plow.

Here we have Logan and Gizmo. You can't see Raven but she was out in the snow too. Giz and Raven were having such a good time playing in the snow, Logan not so much now that he has to shovel the snow as opposed to just playing in it.

Can you see the mound of snow just behind the white minivan at the end of my block? That has to be about 10 feet high now.

Logan on his way back from shoveling out the neighbors. His cheeks were all rosey.

He was really tuckered out after hours of shoveling. I'm afraid I'm going to have to tell him we have another storm coming tomorrow night with more snow projected. I can hear his complaints aready. Can't you?
Have a great day. Thanks for stopping in.


Melissa said...

Poor Logan! I'm sure he IS tired of the snow.

The picture of Bluebell is so cute!

Susan said...

Awwwwe.....Bluebell looks nice and cozy! And can I send my teenager to you? she needs to learn how to shovel snow. I keep telling her that it builds character!

Staci said...

Totally cute cat photos!