Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yet more pics


I have some more pictures of New Orleans to show you.

This is the LaLaurie mansion. It's said to be one of the most haunted buildings in the F.Q. Nicholas Cage owned this building for a while with some other celebrities but sold it when he came into financial troubles. Due to its hauntedness, it's said no one is able to take a photograph inside without orbs or wisps showing up in them because of all the ghosts.

The story of this building goes like this, according to the carriage driver. This mansion belonged to a wealthy doctor and his wife; they owned many slaves. Supposedly, one day when a slave was brushing the hair of the dr's wife, she hit a knot and rather than face the wrath of the mistress, she jumped out of the 3rd story window to her death - the 2nd window from the far left. Many times the window was repaired but it would keep breaking seemingly for no reason so the dr. had the window cemented over. The story goes, the spirit of that slave is banging her head against the cement ever since. There was other scary stuff the driver told us but I won't elaborate here. Suffice it to say, what she told us of what went on in that building, doesn't make for pleasant conversation.

A better view of the cemented over window.

My boys in front of the water feature at the entrance of the aquarium.

A curious stingray.

Some souvenirs in a shop.

Popcorn feeding of the sea birds.

Ok, now for a little history lesson. Do you know the difference between a balcony and a gallery? I sure didn't. First of all, when I think gallery, I think art, not a balcony or terrace of some kind. The carriage driver explained the difference to us and I'll pass that on to you lovely folks. Balconies are the narrow ones, like that in my first post with all the people standing on it.

What you see here on the left is a gallery. This was a status symbol of the time. Kind of like having an expensive car in your driveway now. The wider "balconies" were called galleries. This allowed the servants access to all rooms of the house. Another element of wealth of the time was high ceilings. This house evidently belonged to some rich people because they had both wide galleries and high ceilings.

A view of the pool from our hotel room window. You can just about make out Jim and Logan at the bottom right corner.

A puppet street performer.

This is the ceiling in one of the pubs on Bourbon Street. I just had to take a picture of this. Jim wanted me to add mine to the collection. Yeah, right! Not!!!

More to come another time. Gotta run. Hope you enjoyed!


Barb said...

GREAT!!! Love them all but the sting ray is absolutely awesome. Never have seen such a view!!!

Waiting for more.

courtney said...

More awesome pics, Serene! And so much history! Thanks for sharing it all with us.

Melissa said...

Great pictures! Love the one of Logan feeding the sea birds. And what a spooky story!

Staci said...

That stingray picture is cool!