Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A New Mini Album

Hi, Friends.

Here's a little mini I whipped up over the long Memorial Day weekend. It was nice to have 3 days to scrap and I used them to my full advantage. I made 4 los and this album.

A fellow PTA board member hired me to make an album for a friend of her's who's having a baby. The baby's name is unknown as of yet so we went with "Baby Girl". I had a glorious time using lots of pink. Having a son, I hardly ever use that "girly" color so I was having a grand old time. I didn't want to use too much pink, though, so I mixed it up with some other pastels and even a little brown.

On most of the pages, I created pockets into which I inserted tags that I ink-blended on both sides. It's a messy business that ink-blending but it creates such lovely results. Those tags can be used for journaling or even for more pictures. I also used 2 of my crocheted flowers. I recently learned how to make an 8 petal, bi-colored flower so I added one of those as well.

Here's that 8 petal, bi-colored crocheted flower in the bottom right corner of the " I ".

I hope you enjoyed. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


Melissa said...

This is so pretty, Serene! I love your ink blending on the tags, and your crocheted flowers are so lovely. I'm sure the mother will love it!

You sure were productive! :)

Jenn said...

I love your book Serene!!! I have always wanted to try one of those word books.
I wish I could have scrapped, but I was outside ALL weekend!

Barb said...

You are still the Mini Queen!! Love this one. I swear. Each new one you do becomes my favorite!!! LOL

Know it had to be fun to use all that pink but you did a great job inserting other pretty colors.

I know everyone will adore this!!!

Great job, my friend.

BTW. 98 here the other day, so humid and NO rain in sight!! So dry. Even the 96 degree, 96% humidity guy, Jim, said, let's turn for home when we were walking the dog. He said, this isn't even enjoyable. I had to ask him again what he said. Couldn't believe my ears!!! LOL

VanHuis Family said...

Serene, that album is absolutely ADORABLE!!! I love it! I really need to try making one of those word albums one of these days. I've got plenty of chipboard laying around and the needed tools at my disposal. Guess I just need to wait for inspiration to strike.

courtney said...

This is just adorable! Love the baby rattle on the front and those ink-blended tags are awesome! Beautiful crochet flowers!
You, Serene, are a mini album rock star!
Oh, and soooo happy to see you posting again!

Serene said...

Thank you, everyone! I appreciate your comments very much. Thanks for taking the time to leave some kind words. ;-)

Barb - I don't even know what to say to that kind of weather! How about blehhh! LOL

Erika & Jenn - try your hand at a mini. You'll love them.

Melissa - while I didn't do any stamping, per se, on the mini, I used plenty of SU! ink as my stained fingers proved. ha!

Courtney - thanks. It feels good to be posting again.

Lisa said...

Beautiful job! It makes you ohhhh and ahhhhh! I love all the embellies and extra little touches you've added to each page. I'm sure the mother will treasure it always!

Renee said...

Serene, your mini-album is absolutely beautiful! I love it! The colors and your design all come together so nicely!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog; DCWV is awesome!!

luv46kdz said...

Love the book, it is one of my fave things to do!!

The blog looks great!

Staci said...

So sweet!The recipient is going to love it!

Kathi said...

Simply wonderful! That is one lucky little girl, as you once again did amazing work on this jewel of a mini. Very nice, Serene.

Pam said...

Serene, It was so nice to visit with you today, and the Baby album is beautiful!!
You need to drive a few more hours and come to Texas!!, and I want to come to New York, thats on my bucket list!

Lora Oliver said...

I feel like a heel for not commenting on this sooner because it is stunning! You are so creative with the journaling tags and each page is beautiful in itself and then works to make the total package. Such a treasure!

Emily said...

This is beautiful! You did a wonderful job :)