Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Summer Fun

Hi, Friends.

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted.  Boy, life can sure get busy.  Blogger has changed things and it's taking me more than a while to figure out the new setup.  I'm so far not sure I'm liking it.  I can't seem to move pictures to where I want them so please excuse things maybe being out of order. 

Logan started high school last month.  (Geez, is it really already a month???)  We've all had to adjust to the new schedule but I think we are pretty much settled into it now.  He says he likes school, well, as much as a teenager can like school, I guess.

He's joined the art club which he very much enjoys.  The art club meets on Monday afternoons.  When I picked him up yesterday, he could barely wait to show me his new sketches.  First, I have to say how much I loved his enthusiasm and how he couldn't wait to show me what he'd drawn.  I've noticed he's become a bit more secretive lately so to see his glee and willingness to share a part of his life was wonderful.  I really was very impressed with his drawings.  I've never been able to draw but my child most certainly can, at least in my humble opinion. 

With the onset of autumn's cooler temperatures, Logan and I were discussing the fun he had over the summer.  I thought I'd show you a bit of some of the things he got to do while his father and I toiled away at our jobs.  Lucky kid!

These pictures are from his two week trip in Florida with my Uncle Kenny.  We flew him down to Miami where my Uncle Kenny met him and together with his son, Josh, they embarked on a wonderful adventure.  Here are some pictures.  You can't tell but it was well over 100 degrees while they were there in August. 

Tarpon feeding in the keys

Tarpon fish

Somewhere in the Keys
Pelican mooching for some tarpon food
Lobster sighting in Key West
That's cousin Josh with Logan

Driving the boat in Tampa Bay
Fishing off the boat
Examining the catch
The official Big Foot Truck
Kangaroo feeding
These are just a few of the things he did.  I have more pictures to show but you but lunch is over so back to work I go.  Gotta earn that tuition money, you know!  LOL

Have a great day and thanks for looking!


Melissa said...

Great photos! It looks like Logan had such a great time. I'm glad to hear he's doing well in school!

Barb said...

Oh my! I haven't been to my blog in so long. Now you have me afraid to look. I was thinking of blogging some again...now...maybe not!

I had wondered how Logan was liking his new school. Glad he is liking it. It will only get better, I'm sure.

Love the pictures of Logan. He has grown so much since you were down. I guess I have to call him a young man now.

Have missed your blog. Great to read about your happenings. Hope Jim is fine, also.

courtney said...

High school? Really? Yikes! How time flies!
Looks like he had a fabulous summer. What about yours?
Hope you plan on sharing some of his work from the art club!

Marlene said...

Serene your son has such a nobel look about him, what a blessing he must be in your life. Those pictures are beautiful and it looked like he had a blast with your uncle. I love the keys, but now I can only go down during winter time. TFS