Friday, June 22, 2012

Surfing USA...

Hi, there!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer so far.  It's been a hot few days here in New York City.  We are currently in our third day of mid to high nineties which officially qualifies for a heatwave.  Needless to say my home a/c has been getting a work out.  Unfortunately, my office is another story.  As part of an energy conservation program, they've been turning off the a/c for a few hrs each day the last few days which makes it really hot in here.  Yesterday, the hottest day of the year so far, they turned off the air from 2 - 6 pm.  Thank goodness for my little personal sized desk fan.  I never could have made it through the afternoon without it.

So while it's been a tough few days, my boys and Caterina found a way to beat the heat.  We have a neighbor named Dave who happens to be a surfer.  He's been offering to teach Logan how to surf for a while now and he mentioned to me earlier in the week he was planning on going surfing yesterday.  I asked Logan if he wanted to go and he jumped at the chance.  Jim put in for a vacation day yesterday and took the kids to the beach with Dave who you can see below.  It was a great day to learn as the waves were only 1 - 2 footers and seeing as it was 98 degrees outside, in the cool water was a good place to be.

Here you can see Dave teaching Logan at the surfing only section of Rockaway Beach.  I didn't even know we had a surfing only beach section.


Getting up


Here is a video of Logan surfing..  I hope it plays.  I've never uploaded a video before.

The kids had a great time.  They utterly LOVED it.  Logan didn't stop talking about it all night.  So, that being said, guess what Logan wants for Christmas?  You guessed it, a surfboard.  BUT!!! Do you have any idea how much those cost?????  (Thanks, Dave! LOL)  I was shocked when I found out.  I had no clue they were so costly.  I think we may be renting from a shop near the beach for the near future.  

No joking around, thanks really do go to Dave for being extremely patient and taking the time to teach the kids.

The kids can hardly wait to go back to the beach to surf again but Caterina needs some days to recover from her sunburn.  She didn't heed Jim's multiple warnings to reapply sunscreen and now her face is blistered along her cheeks and nose. 

Keep cool, folks!  Have a great weekend, too!!!


Lora Oliver said...

Wow, good for Logan! And poor Caterina! Aloe with Ladocaine (sp?) in the fridge and ibuprofen will help tremendously.

courtney said...

Duuuuuude! That's awesome!
Great pics and video. Glad to see Logan's found a new hobby....sorry the boards are so pricey. Good thing the ocean's free, eh?
I second the lidocaine and aloe treatment, Solarcaine is the brand I'm most familiar with.
Stay cool!

Staci said...

How cool! Hope Caterina feels better.

Sondra said...

That looks like so much fun! Glad Logan had a great time.

And I can sympathize with the sunburn. I got fried several times a year as a child.

luv46kdz said...

We were at the beach yesterday too! But ya know what, it was only in the 70's which for me is too cold! My blood has thinned Serene. My kids boogie board, native calis and they don't surf ; )

jeanie g said...

What an interesting blog you have Serene, love your mini books. Thank you for your comment on the SOS challenge blog. Wish it would brighten up in the UK. It's cool, cloudy and rainy and this is our Summer!!

Melissa said...

How fun! Nice video, too!