Wednesday, June 27, 2012

World Series Champs

Hi, everyone.

Last night was game 3 of our local baseball league's world series.  Logan's team won!!!    This was the second year in a row his team made it to the world series but they lost last year.  Yet, it was still an accomplishment to even make it that far. 

This year was different than last in that they played against a team made up of 17-18 year old boys whereas Logan's team was made up of 13-14 year old boys.  Those kids were much taller, stronger, etc.  Logan's team was outmatched in every way and yet won 2 out of 3 games.  They played so hard and worked together to make some really great plays.  It was truly a celebration last night for all of them and us parents who rooted them on from those hard wooden bleachers all season.  My butt is still numb!  LOL

The picture below was taken by another parent just after they received their trophies but not all of the kids are in the picture.  (I stooooopidly left my camera at home, dummy that I am.  All I had on me was my dinky cell phone so another mother was kind enough to email me a picture she took.)  It was after 9 pm by the time this picture was taken but they were way too happy to go home.  The league brought in pizza for them which was nice since it was so late already.  

If you look closely, you'll see that Logan is holding 2 different trophies.  While he received the trophy the other boys are holding for winning the series, he also got a special trophy for being chosen MVP of the World Series.  Whoo hoo!  In the last game of the regular season, he scored the winning homerun that put the team into the post season.  Then in game 2 of the series, he hit a double that brought in 2 runs allowing them to take the lead in the game and they never looked back after that winning the game 9-3.  He made a few other nice plays during the series including catching the last out of this game.

Logan is by no means the best player on the team.  There are a few other kids on the team who play on travel and school teams simultaneously and are way better than Logan.  But what was wonderful was the coaches recognized how hard Logan tried and worked and they acknowledged that effort and heart by awarding him the MVP award.  What was even nicer was how the kids embraced his winning the MVP award.  They hugged him and cheered for him as he accepted the trophy.  That was the nicest moment for me when I saw his peers cheering him on and it brought tears to my eyes.  I'm so proud of all of them!

Congrats to the ICYP Reds 2012 World Series Champions!!!

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Sondra said...

Hooray for Logan! That is awesome on both counts.

And I know what you mean about the camera. I have taken mine out before with dead batteries, which amounts to the same thing as not taking it all. Now I have everything in a small purse/bag with extra batteries and tripod and hang it by the door. And I still forget it sometimes!

courtney said...

Congrats to Logan! Wow, champion AND MVP....and all that playing an older team. Awesome job!
Is that you in front of the team taking a pic with your phone?

Susan said...

Way to go Logan! Awesome! His smile says it all! You need to scrap this picture soon, so we can ooo and awe over it all over again!

Serene said...

Yes, Courtney. That's me trying to take a picture with my dinky cell phone that has no flash. LOL

Lisa said...

Congrats to Logan and the team! Getting MVP, how AWESOME is that!

Melissa said...

Congrats to Logan!