Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fish Rubbing

Ever hear of it?  I'm a big time crafter and I hadn't heard of it either but it's pretty cool. 

We were visiting with our good friends, Leo and Andi, on Sunday when Leo decided to do some fish rubbing with the kids.

Leo pinned a real fish down on a board and then painted it different colors.
 He then laid a t-shirt over the painted fish and gently rubbed the paint into the shirt.  Here you can see Leo rubbing the shirt as Logan looks on.
 And here is what the finished product looked like. 
  Caterina took her turn painting the fish with her choice of colors. 
  And her finished product.
Once your fish print is on, all you have to do is turn the shirt inside out and iron it to heat set the paint.

Very cool craft, Leo!  Thanks for teaching me something new and for the shirts for the kids.


courtney said...

Very cool! I've never heard of that either. Did they use the same fish? The rubbings look so different.

luv46kdz said...

That is neat! And omg, Logan looks like a man! Lol I sound like Mrs. Swan from Mad tv, " He looka like a man"

Serene said...

Yes, Courtney, they used the same fish. They just repainted it for each rubbing.

Paula - I know, doesn't he?! I looked at the picture in the previous post of he and Dave walking on the beach and he looks like a grown man to me. Ugh!!!

Sondra said...

This is very cool! And Logan does look a little too grown up. Serene, why don't you try putting a brick on his head and slow him down a little?

Paula, thanks for the Mad TV reference... I laughed when I read that, because I could hear her saying it!!!

Serene said...

Sondra, that's hilarious! I actually laughed out loud when I read what you wrote. Too funny but at 6 feet at only 15, I think it's a bit late for a brick. LOL