Monday, May 27, 2013

Hello, Friends.

I hope you are all enjoying spring.  May has been a lot more like April around here.  We got a lot of rain this month but look what all that rain has done to my plants.

There are some baby orange peppers budding here.
  First tomato of the season is already growing. 

My green pepper plants have grown a few inches too.

I even have strawberries.

This Double Million Bells is simply gorgeous.  I just love this plant. 

This picture doesn't really capture the bright pink tones of this plant.  It's really pretty.

We went to a huge flea market on Sunday where I picked up this blue bird feeder.  I bought some bird seed today.   Jim filled it up and hung it.  I think it's a bit too low so I have to raise it some.

Jim weed whacked the grass this afternoon and I love how nice it looks now.  Seeing all these flowers when I come home makes me so happy.  Although, I think I have to ask my neighbor to trim that tree a bit as it is encroaching on my walkway making it hard to get by.  

My strawberry plants in the center are flanked by flowers.  Well, they will be flowers soon.  I planted these from seed last month and they are really filling in nicely. 

Here's a picture of the porch.  See how it needs one of those 3 tiered pots on the right.  It looks unbalanced but not for long.  That brown potted bush is my neighbor's.

Here's another flower box filled with mixed seeds.  Look how full it's going to be.  I went a bit crazy planting seeds but it was easy to get carried away.  The bag of seeds I bought had more than 50,000 seeds in it.

I spray painted my little bench a bright red.  It's definitely seen better days and winter dulled the color so it needed a bit of refreshing.  I placed 3 pots on it which I planted with flower seeds.  There are sprouts popping up through the soil.  The other four pots to the left were also planted with seeds.  As you can see, it shouldn't be long before some blossoms are showing.  I'm eager to see what kind of flowers will bloom.  I bought a bag of mixed seed so who knows what's going to show.

Jim and I went to Home Depot this morning where he spotted this 3 tiered potting system.  I loved it but wondered how he would mount it to our porch.  Well, it's apparent my doubt was unwarranted because he had these up in no time.  I filled them with Wave Petunias which will cascade downward.  I'm going back to Home Depot tomorrow to get another set of tiered pots and more petunias which he will hang on the other side of my porch.   You know me, I love symmetry.
 And of course, Raven had to get in on the planting. 
I'm having fun doing all this planting.   I'm hoping you're having fun too this spring.


Jenn said...

Wow!! You sure have been busy. It looks awesome, I wish I had a green thumb, we can't keep flowers alive around here, so we don't bother to plant any. But yours look amazing!! Can't wait to see pics after all those seeds start blooming!!

Staci said...

Wow! It must feel great to see all of that hard work you did coming to fruition! TFS!

courtney said...

Your gardens are coming along so nicely! Can't wait to see it all in full bloom!