Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Logan's handmade book

Hi, all. I thought I'd show you the book that my son created for a compulsory bookwriting/illustrating contest in which he participated. While the contest is optional for most students, it was mandatory for his honor class. Naturally, just one more project he had to do in the month of February bringing the total to ten projects for that month. Logan decided to use a golden retriever mix named Kasie as his main character. Kasie was probably the most lovable golden retriever mix ever. We were burlarized once and I just know that Kasie licked them and brought his ball for them to play with him. You can see a pic of my beloved dog in the book.

I helped with the construction of the actual book but Logan wrote the story and did the drawings all by himself. The rules of the contest stated that the book had to have a title page, copyright page, dedication, blurb, about the author, etc., in addition to a clear message within the story. The rules also did not allow for any kind of plastic or metal binding or we would have used metal rings. His book has been submitted as a finalist. Keep your fingers crossed, folks. The winner of the contest gets $500.

Hope you enjoyed his book project. I am very proud of him and the work he did on this. Remember, fingers crossed!


Melissa said...

Wow, Logan did an awesome job! I really enjoyed his story and illustrations. I'll keep my fingers crossed for him!

courtney said...

Oh, that is great work! Way to go, Logan; best of luck in the contest!

Kathi said...

Big grin! That's a super story and the illustrations are great. Awesome job, Logan! You're headed for the gold.

luv46kdz said...

Serene, I know you're proud of Logan, how wonderful that he is doing so well! You are one very lucky Mama, tell him to keep up the good work, he is awesome.

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VanHuis Family said...

Wow, that's amazing Serene! Tell Logan "great job" for me! Love the pictures that he drew. What talent! Good luck with the contest. :)

Serene said...

Thank you all for the nice words about my kid and his work. We need those proud mommy moments, don't we? I don't know if he'll win but he worked hard on this and amazed me with his drawing ability. I could never draw like that but I'm going to say that he gets his creativity from me, how's that? Ha! Ha!

Paula - great job permalinking your blog here! ;-)

Lisa said...

What a great job he did! Love the drawings...but man what a story! Great way to tell that message.
Best of luck to Logan!

Barb said...

Wow Serene. You should be very proud. That book looks awesome. And his illustrations are fabulous. Here is hoping he winds!! Tell him he is a winner in my eyes for sure!!!