Monday, April 19, 2010


Well, hello long lost cyberspace. My internet service at home has been down since Saturday and I've been seriously jonesing for the world wide web. I even came into work a little early today so I could get my fix of it. You know it had to be bad for me to come into work early. Since I don't have all that much time, I'll make this post quick.

I took a nap yesterday afternoon and, of course, it messed up my regular sleep schedule. Since I couldn't go to sleep at my normal hour last night, I decided to scrap and get caught up on some sign-in tags for the cj swap. At 2:30 a.m, I was finally feeling like I could go to sleep so I put my stuff away and went to bed. Naturally, I was zombified this morning but at least I was productive.

Here is the sign-in for Jessica's 3 Reasons I Love Summer theme.
Here is my sign-in for Emma's 3 Favorite Actors Theme.
And finally, my sign-in for Elaine's 4 Things On My Welcome Sign.
I have to tell you how much I'm loving my Gypsy. I would have spent a whole lot of time looking for these shapes on the backs of the Cricut cartridge boxes. Instead, I just did a quick search on the Gypsy and it brought up all the carts that contained these shapes. Then I was able to cut directly from the Gypsy to the Cricut. In fact, I didn't even know that I had a cart with a door hangar on it so my Gypsy is proving to be worth every penny.

Ok, I've been on here longer than I should have been so I have to run.

Hope you like the sign-ins. Have a great day everyone!


luv46kdz said...

Love the tags!! So you're likin the Gypsy, huh? I'm not gonna think about it. Not yet anyway ;)

2 in the morn, hubs would be saying what is your deal woman, he likes me in bed with him when he goes!

Barb said...

Love, love , love the tags Serene. Sounds like you love that Gypsie just a tad bit!!

I get started scrapping and stay up like that. DH usually falls asleep in the chair. Then I wake him up to move on. If we are already in bed and I get up, he would never know. He has slept through a hurricane. Once he is out...he's out!!!

Love your blog layout. Very pretty!

Kathi said...

Totally terrific tags, Serene! Isn't the Gypsy great? Love mine and I haven't even used it that often; though I do have more things designed than cut out!

Lisa said...

Oh I just love the tags! I so can't wait to see your Gypsy! Not sure why, we know I'm going to want one...but this way I can show David just how fabulous it is!!

Melissa said...

Love all of your tags, Serene! They're all so different and so pretty!