Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Monday again and that means that it's time for stinky work after a nice weekend. My Uncle Kenny and his daughter, Maddy, are visiting from Florida. They've spent the weekend with us and it's been just wonderful having them with us. Obviously, due to the distance between us we don't get to see each other that often so I'm just overjoyed that they are here. Unfortunately, Maddy flies out today because she has to get back to college and my uncle will be leaving tomorrow. I'm bummed that I can't be with them today but Jim is home with them today and I'll be taking off from work tomorrow. I know I'll be sad when Uncle Kenny leaves tomorrow but he's informed us that he'll be back in June so that is something to look forward to with great anticipation.

Monday is also the day for posting my los for our circle journal. Here are my los for Jessica's theme. Now, those of you who know me, know that I am not a big fan of summer so this was not the easiest topic for me. I had to think of other reasons besides the obvious ones that people like about summer because those are the things that make me not like it. The heat and humidity that come with that season are enough to make me hibernate in my frigidly air conditioned house. So, that being said, there still had to be some things about summer that are ok and after some thought, this is what I came up with. I glimmermisted the journaling mats which was fun. I love spritzing things with glimmermist. Don't you? And that adorable butterfly is courtesy of Lisa.

Alrighty, back to work I go. Hope you enjoy my "sunny" los.


luv46kdz said...

I love them! They're bright and cheery, nice and summery. You sound just like my dad did about summer! He couldn't deal at all with it :)


Melissa said...

How pretty!! Great choices, and I love the summery feel of your LO.

Barb said...

Great LO's Serene!! From the LO;s you would never know you don't like summer! I am not a fan of it either, but we don't go out much here in the summer. It is like your winter. You go in and turn the heat on. We go in and turn the air on!!! LOL

You did a great job!! Love the sparkles!!!

Kathi said...

Your sun pages are terrific! I really like the way the two papers contrast and give a very summer feeling to the pages. Nice work from one who doesn't like this season. Though I'm not sure I'd care for the summer in NY either!

Lisa said...

Love the sunshine looking pages! Oh I do love that... whats the name of the paper? Tell me!
The flowers are so pretty.... even the embellie ones!
Great layout!