Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

The lovely 3-day long Memorial Day weekend is winding up and it'll be back to reality soon but I thought I'd take a little more play time and update my blog which I haven't done in a while. It was a really nice weekend as we had no rain for a change. It was a little warmer than I would like but one can't have everything, can one?

A lot has happened since my last post. Let's see, I went to Texas and Oklahoma to see my friends, Lisa and Kathi. I had a blast to say the least and I thank Lisa, David and Kathi for their hospitality. They treated me so well and totally spoiled me. It was a really nice trip but it flew by way too quickly. Isn't that always the case when you're having fun? I can't wait to go back to see my friends. Maybe in September for Kathi's crop if the airfare prices cooperate. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed they do.

Here is a picture of what happened when I was packing for my trip. Whenever I pack, my kitties think I'm giving them new places to hang out and inevitably, I end up having to move them out of the suitcases so I can continue to pack. Here we see Shave sleeping on the back of couch, Gizmo in the large suitcase and Bluebell in the smaller one.
Logan had 2 baseball games last week. Here is Logan getting ready for one of those games. It was 96 degrees that day. To say it was a scorcher is an understatement but we were there cheering him on. Boy, did we all need showers after that game.
And here's one of him up at bat. He batted an rbi in this time.
So take a look at another little baby resting on Jim's shoulder. This is a different kitten from the same litter as the kitten I posted last time. This one is a sweet, little girl and she's just darling. She's 4 weeks old now and extremely lovable and playful. We are very much considering keeping her. She's still on kitten replacement formula and I feed her every few of hours with a small baby bottle. I can't help but be reminded of when my son was an infant with the middle of the night feedings. I also hear my mom's words in my head "babies are for the young" because let me tell you, it's way harder getting up for those early morning feedings now than it was 13 years ago when my son was little. I'm trying to get her to lap up her milk from a saucer and she's slowly getting it so that's good.
We went to Leo and Andi's house yesterday for another great bbq. We took the baby with us as she needs constant care. Here she is ready for her road trip. Cute, right? She slept on my shoulder for the hour ride to their house.
And since it was so lovely in their backyard, she thought she'd just take another little catnap on the patio furniture after her afternoon feeding. Notice her full belly, the little piggy.
We went back to that pond Leo took us to the last time we visited them. While it was very sunny and hot, a perfectly positioned tree lent me some shade from where I could enjoy the scenery. Caterina caught her very own fish which was very exciting for her. It's called a "sunny" and after posing for this proud picture, she released her catch back into the pond.
Well, it's dinner time now and reality has crept back in to pop my 3-day long weekend bubble.
Hope you had a great weekend and took a moment to remember our veterans on this day. We owe them so much for their sacrifices.
Nice evening, all!


Barb said...

What a nice blog, Serene. Glad you a great time with Kathi and Lisa. I am so jealous!!!!

Your kitties are just too cute. How could you even move them?? They sure can rule the roost, can't they?

Logan looks happy to be playing ball. I love to see kids in sports.

Well, here is to a good week.

luv46kdz said...

I didn't know you saw Kathi too! Lucky duck ;)

Just so you know, the kitty might be a boy, their little jewels don't drop for a few weeks yet. Found that out with the babies we had in our garage last year.

Logan is lookin good up at bat!


Lisa said...

Heat-yuck! Kids playing summer ball-yea! I love the sounds of the ballfield in the summer! Sounds like you guys had a great weekend. And another kitty? Soon there will be no room for Jim in the bed!

Melissa said...

That kitty is too adorable! Glad you got to spend some time with Lisa and Kathi!

Fluffy always does stuff like that.. too cute!