Monday, October 25, 2010

Confirmation. Finally!

Well, it's official. Logan has been confirmed into the Catholic Faith. This past Saturday's ceremony was the culmination of 9 years of religious instruction which began with formal classes every Sunday when he was just 5 years old. It was a lovely day for a lovely ceremony but the Bishop prohibited any photography so we don't have any pictures of it.

Here are Maddy, Jim and Logan prior to entering the church. Maddy is my cousin. As you can see by the lack of coats, it was a really nice day for late October. In fact, by the shine on Jim's forehead, you can even surmize that it was very warm. This is immediately after the ceremony outside the church. It was about 6:30 p.m. and dark by this time, as you can see from the pictures.
Here are Kenny, (my uncle who was Logan's sponsor), Karen, (my lifelong friend and Logan's Godmother), and us, of course.

Maddy and Kenny, again.
Here we are at our favorite Spanish restaurant. They make the most amazing sangria and paella.
We had a crowd of 13 people for dinner at the restaurant. Here you can see our friend, Leo, and Jim's nephew, Sam, sitting next to Logan.And finally, Logan's Grandfather, Spiro, who even came to the church. Shocking! Amazing what grandparents will do for their grandchildren.

My sister-in-law, Julie, took some more pics. I'm going to download them from flickr and post them here later.

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Barb said...

How wonderful, Serene!! So happy or him and your family!!

Loved sharing in it through pictures, even though there could be none during the ceremony. It would have been very special.

Even since we have seen Logan, he has grown so much!!

Be a proud mom. You deserve it!!

Kathi said...

This is great! Love seeing the photos of special family events. Logan certainly resembles his Momma - this is the first time I've seen it! tsf

courtney said...

Congratulations, Logan on your confirmation! Happy to see it was a day shared with so many of your family and friends!

Lisa said...

What a wonderful day for your family. So glad to see Spiro was there and with a smile too! Another proud moment for you!
Congratulations Logan!