Monday, October 25, 2010

More confirmation pics

Here are some more pictures, courtesy of my sister-in-law, Julie. She sat in the back of the church and was able to get these shots while I was still making my way out of the church. While the Bishop prohibited photography during the ceremony, he was willing to pose with each newly confirmed.

That's Bishop DiMarzio. If you couldn't tell by the big hat, he's a big deal. Here's a really nice shot of the church's facade.
She even managed to sneak a shot of Logan processing into the pew.
I just love this picture of my big boy.
Here is my mother-in-law, Emma, and her 2 grandsons.
Caterina made confirmation on Saturday as well, just at a different church. She and her mom stopped by the restaurant where we were having dinner. She looked very pretty and very grown up.
Mom and son.
Thanks, Julie, for the great pics.
And thanks for looking, bloggers.


Barb said...

Oh my golly! These make me want to cry. Such and important time in Logan's life and he has grown so!!

These are just beautiful, Serene. Thanks for sharing this special time with us!!

Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures, Serene! I'm sure you are one proud momma! :)

courtney said...

Oh wow, loving all of these pictures....but then with such a good looking family and a happy day, what's not to love?

Lisa said...

Oh my, Logan has grown! These are great pictures, what a treasure to have them. Can't wait to see the mini book that I know you are already planning with these photos!