Monday, September 20, 2010

More Tornado Damage

Well, it's official. We had not one, but 2 tornados and 1 Micro Burst cut a 14 mile path through my neighborhood and others on Thursday night. When Jim heard the words "micro burst" he said, "what's that, a small fart?" I just rolled my eyes as he and Logan proceeded to have themselves a hearty laugh. Why do boys find farting funny? I don't get it!

Unfortunately, there's nothing funny about the damage those Acts of God created. These are images from the very next block after mine. It was impassible for 2 days until the Fire Department rolled through with their chain saws which drew quite a crowd of unlookers.

Everywhere I go in my area, there are signs of how nature can be destructive. I also read in the newspaper that a good samaritan who came to the aide of the lady who was crushed by the falling tree has died. He suffered a brain aneurysm and was pronounced brain dead over the weekend.

Judging by the kids I saw walking towards the college carrying their stuff, I would assume dorm residents are allowed back onto campus today. Also judging by the way people were jockeying for parking spaces this morning, classes also resumed though the gym and tennis courts are out of commission until repairs can be made.

Our power has been restored but my food budget is going to take a beating as everything has to be replaced due to spoilage. That's way ok in my book considering those poor families are making funeral arrangements. My heart goes out to them and others who have been affected by this event. Add them to your prayers tonight. Thanks!


Barb said...

Oh my, Serene. those are terrible pictures, even though people are trying to get back to normal. We had a similar situation here at one time.

Those micro busts seem as bad as a tornado!!

Saddened to hear of the deaths. That is the very worst part of all of this.

Still thanking God your all are OK.

Susan said...

Wow, Serene! So glad your family made it safely through all this. Your pictures are a true testament to the power of mother nature.

Lisa said...

It's hard to believe that all that damage can happen in a matter of minutes. Even all the times I've seen this kind of damage first hand it still just gives me chills each time. When you guys left for school and work that morning, everything was as normal as could be... and this is what you come home to. Well if you could have even gotten home that day. I'm so thankful you guys are ok. And to think.... you were worried about coming here and there being a tornado!

luv46kdz said...

wow Serene. Thank God you all are ok, as my fil always says, things can be replaced, but you all are priceless.

I can't get over those giant trees and how the cars are just crushed.

Imagine, by my mom was nothing. unreal.

Tracy said...

OMG Serene! Those pictures are devestating. I can't believe that happened in Queens! My thoughts are with you and thank God you're OK!