Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ice Nativity

As promised, here are the pictures of the second part of the Ice exhibit. This angel was enormous.
My boys give you some perspective as to how large this angel really was.
Here is the beginning of the Nativity.

Isn't this beautiful?

We'd just exited the cold part of the exhibit which lead us right into a room where we could purchase merchandise. Look at how red Logan's face is from the cold. I had to wait a while for my camera to unfog itself after being in that extreme cold.
Guess this nutcracker was in the mood for a snack. He seems to be taking a bit out of my kid.
So, there's a small sampling of the Ice! attraction. Hope you enjoyed it.


Barb said...

So gorgeous, Serene!! I bet in person it was really out of sight. Thanks for sharing with us!!

Staci said...

WOW! How gorgeous! TFS.

Lisa said...

Oh wow! How pretty it all is! What a great time you guys had...and wonderful pics. I see a mini in the making!