Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Up Up and Away!

Well, hello bloggerville!

It's been a while since my last post. A lot has happened in that time span. We had Thanksgiving which was a whirlwind of cooking and eating. I have pictures of that day on one of the cameras but don't ask me which. I'll get them posted eventually. Suffice it to say, everyone had a great meal.

We also went on vacation during my absence. Our annual trip to Orlando, Florida was fun, as usual. We had a good time even if the weather was on the cool side. Some would even say it was downright frigid but I was ok with 39 degree weather.

My stepdad came with us this year, a first for him. I think he had a really great time. We tried to show him a good time by giving him the chance to do and see things he's never done before.

Here Logan and Spiro are taking off in a helicopter tour over the heart of Orlando. I thought, for sure, Spiro would chicken out but he surprised all of us and got on the helicopter. He came off all smiles so I guess he had a good time. It was sunset as you can see from the picture and according to them, it was the perfect time of day to take the tour.

Logan had done this helicopter tour a few years ago but he wanted to do it again with his Grandpa. I'm glad we were able to let them make a memory together. I know neither will forget this vacation.
Later, folks. Have a great day!


Barb said...

Wow what great pics of Logan and Spiro!! I couldn't believe how much Logan had grown in a year!!! He is a real charmer!! Love that kid!

39 is not OK with me, but I would rather have that than 100 so I could handle it. I just stay in!!! LOL

Melissa said...

Logan is growing up so fast! I agree, I'm sure that neither of them will forget this trip, and especially the helicopter ride!

Staci said...

How cool! Looks like they had fun!

Elaine. said...

Logan looked like he was flying! Glad they went, what a cool thing to do.

luv46kdz said...

Wow, awesome!! I think I'd be too scared