Sunday, December 19, 2010


Hi, friends!

Here are some more pictures from our vacation to Orlando. We went to an exhibit at the Gaylord Palms hotel. They do an amazing display using ice. If you are ever down in Orlando during this time of year, I suggest you take in this attraction.

Visitors are given heavy coats because it's a mere 9 degrees in the exhibit. We've been to this before but Spiro hadn't so we decided to go again. We were also in for a treat as it was a different theme from the last time we went. This year was The Night Before Christmas. It was just wonderful to see the story told in wonderfully colored - kind of Dr. Suess-y scenes.

See, those are the coats they gave us. Our cheeks and hands were numb after a while. Our noses were running from the cold, too. Luckily, they had tissue boxes placed here and there to take care of those runny noses.

Can you believe all of this is made out of ice? It was amazing!

They even had ice slides. After some coaxing, we managed to get Spiro to take a run down the chute but, disappointingly, my picture was too blurry.
Spiro is making friends with a reindeer here.
After we left this part of the exhibit it transitioned to a Nativity scene which was just breathtaking. I'll post pictures of those later.
Bye for now.


Barb said...

This is beautiful. We had never heard of this but going to check it out!! Just unbelievable!!

Lisa said...

How awesome this all looks! I love all the wonderful colors that are showing through in your pics. And the blue coats they gave you...they must have ordered those just for you!