Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring is springing!

I'm so happy Spring is here.  It's still pretty chilly outside but it's coming.

In my eagerness to welcome spring, I've been busy playing in the dirt!  I've been enjoying getting my hands dirty and not only have I been having fun but look what's happening because of it.

These are my strawberries.  There's actually 2 plants in that box but this one is much taller.  Both are flowering. 
 These are my green and red peppers.
 This is an orange pepper plant.
 These are cucumbers.  I haven't put up the wire yet that they will climb up and let the cucs hang which will yield larger ones. 
 This is a hanging pot just bursting with new flower sprouts.  I bought a butterfly garden seed mix so I'm not exactly sure what kind of flowers these will be but there will be plenty of blooms.  I'll probably have to thin these a bit. 
 This window box is also going to be flowers.  I have 2 others that will be flowers as well. 

I have plans to paint my outside railing and spray paint my little bench that sits in the front of my house.  Unfortunately, it was way too cold to be outside that long painting a fence railing today.   It was also way too windy today to do any spray painting so I'll have to wait for a better day. 

Happy Spring!!!


luv46kdz said...

Well look at you :) for the life of me I can't get my veggies to grow right in my containers. I don't give up though I'm persistant!

courtney said...

Of all the garden-fresh goodies there are to be had, strawberries and cucumbers are by far my favourites.
Your gardens are off to a wonderful start....and you're making ME that much more excited for spring too!

Lisa said...

Look at you! Nothing tastes as good as garden fresh veggies. But, I've never heard that about cucumbers, my daddy has grown them for 40+ years and never done that. I want to see pictures of it!