Thursday, April 25, 2013

Intersection Pictures

Ok, so you read the story of how the timing of the traffic light was changed due to my request.  I thought I'd show you the intersection.  I should have included pictures in my previous post but I kept forgetting to take my camera with me.

Logan and Caterina had an early review class today for a chemistry test they are going to take tomorrow.  (We'll be up early tomorrow again so they can go to another review class.  Ugh!) Happily, I remembered to bring my camera as we were leaving the house today.  I took these pictures while we were waiting at the light.

This is at 6:30 in the morning which accounts for the lack of life in this picture except for those two  pedestrians. Trust me, an hour and something later which is when we usually go through that intersection, the picture will look quite different.  There will be double parked trucks of all sorts, from sanitation to tractor trailers, on either side of the street because their drivers have left them to get their breakfast and coffee from that coffee shop on the left just after the Just Tints car detailing shop with the blue awning.  Traffic will be backed up for blocks because of the light and the bottle neck created by the trucks.   
This is the view coming from the opposite direction after I dropped off Logan and Caterina at school.  That side will also be bottled necked because of the coffee shop on that side, again, just after the auto body place on the left.  You can see 2 trucks already double parked there on either side of the street creating that bottle neck. 
While things are better now since the timing change, traffic will never flow perfectly smoothly there unless they stop the trucks from double parking.  However, those hard working men need their coffee to make this city run so we will continue going around them.  Nonetheless, I'm happy because that timing change shaved extra minutes off my commute and in this city, that's a good thing!

Here's hoping your commute is a good one. 


luv46kdz said...

Oh boy I sure don't miss double parked vehicles of any kind! Not here my friend and when a pedestrian puts their foot onto the street, cars stop DEAD!

Lisa said...

I second what Paula says, that so wouldn't be happening here! But we don't have stores right on the street like that, big open parking lots! I'm telling you, you need to come to the big wide open land!!