Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Christmas Mini Album

Alrighty, I know this isn't my cj pages that I'm supposed to be posting but just to keep the blog updated, I'm going to post some pics of a Christmas mini album I did after my first kitty mini album which you can see in an earlier post here on my blog.

I really like doing minis. There is a real sense of accomplishment upon completion and they are small enough to leave out for guests to see as opposed to a 12x12 album. I went to Michael's to buy some more blank chipboard minis but they don't carry them. However, they do now carry packages of 12x12 sheets of plain chipboard so I grabbed 2 of the 3 that were on the shelf. I figure I can now make my own mini albums since Jim bought me the Cricut deep cut blade and housing for Christmas.

Logan has to make a book as his entry into an annual compulsory book writing/making contest. He has to write a story and include hand drawn illustrations. He wrote the cutest story last year about some cats and his drawings were wonderful. My kid can draw; a skill his momma doesn't have. His entry last year made with construction paper got to the finals but he didn't win. Still not bad, though, making it to the finals, right? This year, I figure we can use my Cricut deep cut blade and cut the chipboard to create the pages for the book. He'll just have to decide on the size he wants it. I'm excited to pull out the Cricut and play with cutting the chipboard. If you hear squeals of delight, that'll be me!

So here are the pics of my Christmas mini. Notice how my brat...has grown over the years.


Jenn said...

Serene, I Love your album!! That is soo cute!!

courtney said...

Awwwwwwww! What a cutie!
Love the shape of your album and the pages are adorable.

Elaine. said...

wow, what a shape, this is great and that baby has indeed grown up

luv46kdz said...

this came so great!!! What an awesome idea to put each yr in the book. Great job Serene, and look how cute he looks!