Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Jim took Logan and his 2 friends, Eddie and Caterina, skiing today while I went to work. They had a great time and it was perfect weather for it. Our friend, Leo, who also is our chiropractor, met them there and he was a great help to Eddie on his first day ever of skiing. Eddie took a lesson and then headed up the mountain with the other kids and Leo.

Here is a picture of Thunder Ridge where they went. It's about an hour north of us in Westchester, NY.
Logan, Leo and Caterina.
This is Eddie. He looks pretty good for his first time, doesn't he?


luv46kdz said...

This is so great Serene. Imagine, skiing is only 25 minutes from us and we've never taken them. It's a great sport.

courtney said...

Oh how fun! Glad they were all able to have such a great day in the snow!

Susan said...

That looks like it was so much fun! We have skiing about 30 minutes from us as well, and it's never crossed my mind to take the kiddos. Hmmmmm.....maybe in a few years we'll have to try this with our kids too! Great pics BTW!

Lisa said...

Glad they had such a fun day. No skiing close for least an 8 hour drive!