Thursday, February 18, 2010

West Side Story

With my circle journal claim of my playing Maria in West Side Story, I thought I'd post some pics to prove that.

Here I am in my 1st scene of the play with Anita in the bridal shop as I beg her to lower the neck line of the dress I'm to wear to the dance that night.
Enter Bernardo and Chino.
Meeting of the lovers at the dance. That's Leslie Seecomar - what a cutie he was. He's a dr. now. You can just make out the dancers in the background.
And of course, the famous balcony scene. All the sets were made by our school. It wasn't easy getting up the ladder behind the set and having to climb thru the window but I managed to do it w/o tripping each time.
The school hired a photographer to take pics but he didn't take many of my scenes so this is all I have. Hope you enjoyed looking.


VanHuis Family said...

That brings back so many memories for me! We did that show my senior year in high school. I ran the lights. We had such a great crew that year. It was so much fun! Such a hard show to do too! In one of the performances we ended up have to improvise at the end because the gun mis-fired. We pulled it off though. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

courtney said...

What great pics Serene, and such wonderful memories!

luv46kdz said...

so cool Serene!! What a great memory :)

Lisa said...

oh how cool! What great memories. I wish my school had done things like that!

Melissa said...

Very cool, Serene! Love the pics!

Kathi said...

Hot cha cha! You look terrific. These would make a super LO - with the copies of course!

Elaine. said...

wow, you look beautiful and bet you entertained the audience. I'm with Kathi, great layout in the making.