Monday, February 22, 2010

Mud Sledding

Over the weekend we went to visit our friends, Leo and Andi, at their house in Westchester. Leo and Jim took Logan and Caterina sledding while Andi and I stayed back at the house to enjoy some "girl time" without kids and husbands. I assumed that they were going snow sledding and we'd brought the kids' snow clothing with us for just that reason. However, in their haste to conquer that hill the kids started sledding prior to donning their snow gear and being as it was 54 degrees on Saturday, snow sledding turned into mud sledding.

Here you can see my kid airborn as he rides the mud. I'm told he barely missed a tree in front of him.
This is Caterina on one of her downhill slides.

This is the result of her downhill slide.

Andi was most kind and threw their muddy clothes into her washing machine. Thanks, Andi.

There is a dam nearby where they went sledding. Here are the kids in front of it.

In this picture you can see a bit of a rainbow created by the falling water.

And here's one of Leo and the kids.

After the kids were de-mudified, Leo and Andi took all of us out to eat at a great Chinese Buffet place. We had an excellent meal complete with peel 'n eat shrimp and freshly steamed crab legs. Yum! Thank you, Leo and Andi.

After our bellies were full and we'd read our fortune cookies we went to Michael's and Walmart. I needed vellum adhesive for one of Logan's school projects and being that Walmart was right next door to Mike's, well, I just HAD to hit that too. We don't have a Wally World close to us so I wasn't passing up that opportunity. I almost bought the From My Kitchen Cricut cart at Walmart but I was a good girl and put it back. Aren't you proud of me? We then hit Best Buy which was in the same shopping center where I bought some photo paper that I was running very low on.

After our little shopping spree, we went back to the house and enjoyed some down time until it was time to leave. What a nice day it was and we very much appreciate Leo and Andi's wonderful hospitality.


luv46kdz said...

Some great sled shots Serene! Oh no the mud, her pretty white jacket. Kat is very pretty. Isn't it sweet when a boy and a girl can be friends like that. Mare has one too and it's nice.

Lisa said...

Sounds and looks like the kids had great fun! Plus you got to shop at Mikes and Wal-Mart. What a great day for you all!

courtney said...

What a wonderful weekend, indeed! Some great shots too.
BTW, I love your daily cat pic and smile. Today's cat looks like mine!

Melissa said...

Hehe, mud sledding. Looks like the kids had fun!

VanHuis Family said...

Looks like the kids had a ton of fun!
I'm spoiled having all of those stores so close to me. I end up taking them for granted most of the time.

Elaine. said...

mud sledding at it's best and that Logan what a handsome lad...hum, wonder what's going to happen with him and that dear friend of his...hopeless romantic that I am