Monday, May 3, 2010

Melissa's cj and other fun stuff

Happy May to everyone! Spring is in full bloom here. Saturday was Jim's birthday and Mother Nature gave us a beautiful day. Logan and Caterina had baseball games in the morning but in the afternoon we went to Leo and Andi's house and had another wonderful day with them.

We had a bbq and then went to a very scenic pond near their house where Leo and the kids fished. It was so nice sitting there on the bank of the pond. Jim had thrown some lawn chairs in the back of my car the day before so we were set. There were a pair of geese who floated around the pond and I felt like we'd stumbled upon their secret hideaway but they graciously shared it with us. After a good period of time, it became apparent that the fish weren't in the mood to bite so the kids went in search of other excitement in the way of frog hunting. It didn't take long before they'd found some. I kept waiting to hear a splash sound meaning one of the kids had fallen into the pond but luckily both kids stayed dry.

Here's a pic of Jim and Logan on the bank of the pond.

And here's Leo. The rest of his shirt says "Repeat". Cute, right?
And the kids, Caterina and Logan.

Here's a nice shot of Logan casting his line.

It was a really nice day and I want to thank Leo and Andi. It's great to have friends like you!

Ok, here is Melissa's cj - 5 Things I can't live without. I finally got it done. Yay! It's about time, I know! I also did the sign-in but the stickles weren't dry last night so I'll finish that up tonight. It was hard to photograph these. Without the flash, they were too dark and with the flash, they are hard to read but you get the idea.

Thanks for dropping by. Later, friends.


Barb said...

Love y our pics of the day at the lake. That sure looks like a beautiful area.

You double LO is perfect!! Love your five things and the pages with all the stickers is fantastic Love the swirls!!!

luv46kdz said...

Luv the lo's!!! They came great. What a nice day ya'll had. The pics by the lake look wonderful. I guess I brought the nice weather from cali with me ;)

Melissa said...

Great pictures. Looks like you all had a fabulous time!

I love your LO! The woven ribbon is so pretty and such a great idea. Love your choices, and the glitz adds a nice touch!

Kathi said...

Sparkly, beautiful pages! Love the swirlies too!

What a fabulous day at the lake. Your photos are super.

courtney said...

What a great day! Glad to hear the weather cooperated for Jim's birthday.
Love the layout too. The sparkly swirls are wonderful!

Lisa said...

Awesome pictures of your day! Glad you guys were able to get away, relax, and enjoy for Jim's Day!

Great layout. Love the flowers, stickles, and swirls! Proud you got 'er done!