Thursday, May 6, 2010

May Flowers

Good morning, dear bloggers.

I'm feeling very springish (is that even a word?) lately. The weather has been nice the last few days so I went shopping last night at a little mom and pop nursery that I like. They give that extra bit of personal service that you can't get at a Home Depot. I had such a good time there enjoying all the fragrances from all the different types of flowers that seemed to be whispering to me with their colorful blooms, saying, "pick me, pick me". In the end, I opted for some simple impatiens because I know how they start off small but will fill out my flower boxes wonderfully. They will also continually bloom and hold up well to the full sun my porch gets.

Once I'd decided on the type of flower, there was another choice to make; what color of impatiens. I let Logan choose and he went for deep pink and red. I also bought my favorite hanging plant, a Million Bells. By the end of the summer that plant will be huge with tons of flowers. Jim rigged up something for me so I could hang it from my porch awning. While I was cooking dinner, I planted my newly acquired flowers. I'm all for multi-tasking so I went to play in the dirt while the pasta cooked.

Here's my pretty Million Bells.
And the deep pink impatiens. They are actually a deeper pink than the picture shows but it was past sunset by this time.
Here are the red ones.
And of course, Gizmo had to lend his assistance. I turned my back to get the soil and there he was in the box. What a good little helper he is, right?

Well, that's it for now bloggers. Hope you enjoyed my pretty flowers...and inquisitive kitty.
Wishing you a happy day!


courtney said...

Funny, isn't it, how cats love containers, but hate to be contained? As long as Gizmo's not helping by digging up the flowers though, it's all good!
Beautiful flowers! The hanging basket is just lovely, and how I adore hardy and colourful.
Happy Spring, Serene!

Melissa said...

Lovely flowers! Gizmo's so sweet. :)

luv46kdz said...

They're beautiful Serene. flowers do make everything look so pretty, and yes it's like they are whispering to you ; ) what a great analogy. Look at Mr. Giz right in the middle, what a hoot!

Your blog looks great! Luv the new background very pretty, soothing.

Mia Sogni Dolci
Tomes Devotee

Barb said...

Wow that gets me in the mood for spring!!! We have so dog much heat here we had to learn to love different spring flowers!! When we first moved here I was trying to get petunias and everyone was laughing!!! Wrong season here!

Love them! And I really love that one big gray bunch!!! Oh. That's the cat. Adorable!!!

Lisa said...

You know I love the flowers! So pretty... can't wait for them to fill out the planter boxes!
Poor Giz...seems he is always in trouble... no one ever just lets him be a cat!