Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New arrival

Say hello to a brand new life. Take a look at this precious little furball just 2 weeks old. This tiny blue eyed baby was born to a semi-stray female living in a wooden cathouse a neighbor built for her across the street. She had 4 kittens in total and they are adorable to say the least. I "borrowed" this one for a little while as we want to acclimate them to being handled so they will be adoptable. I, naturally, fell in love with this creature even before he licked my chin. Once he did that, well, you can imagine how hard it was returning him to his mommy but he needed to nurse. Say hi, he's waving to you!

What a face! Too cute!
He cuddled up in a ball on Logan.
Just darling, right? Well, now on to my first baby. Logan had a baseball game last night. His team won the game and Logan even pitched some. The coach pulled Logan from shortstop and put him on the mound. He hadn't pitched since last season but he did very well by throwing some really nice strikes.
Here are some pics of Logan pitching. I took these shots thru the holes in the chain link fence lining the field. Sorry they are kind of dark. It was almost 8 pm.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my babies. Thanks for coming by.


Barb said...

What a darling kitty!! Are you going to end up keeping it?? Adorable!!!

But, your first baby is adorable, too!! What great shots you got especially through a chain link!! He looks great!!

Need to scrap those for sure!!!

luv46kdz said...

Aaaawwwww, babies are the sweetest cutest things! Precious :)

Logan looks awesome, look at him throw! TFS

Mia Sogni Dolci
Tomes Devotee

Melissa said...

AWWW!! What an adorable kitty!

Congrats to Logan! You got some great pics! Can't guess that they were taken through the chain links!

Lisa said...

No No No to the kitty! I can hear Jim now...Take it back!!!
Great action shots of Logan! Awesome job!!

Serene said...

Ha! Actually, Lisa, Jim was the one telling me to keep the kitten. He even said he would go to the vet to get the kitten replacement formula. Now aren't you proud of me for having the will power to return the kitty? LOL

Kathi said...

Oh, that kitty is so KUUUUTE! I love kittens; they don't love me. Actually I'm allergic to cats, so seeing these shots is all the love I can get. So hard to resist!

Your Logan is growing up! Those are great photos and we certainly can't tell they were taken through the fence.

VanHuis Family said...

I'll add to the cuteness comments! What an adorable kitten! So does that make it around 10 cats now? :)
Good pics of Logan too! He looks like quite the ball player. You must be so proud!