Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Do you know that song by Buster Poindexter? It's a great, get up out of your seat and dance song if you are on a cruise ship leaving port for a nice long vacation with a frozen, fruity drink in your hand. Unfortunately, I'm not on a cruise with a pina colada in my hand. I'm sweating buckets here in NYC.

Our killer heatwave continues today. It was 103 degrees last I heard but it feels way worse. My car temperature gauge said it was 113 outside when I got out of work yesterday at 5 p.m. We had blackouts all over the region yesterday and I'm just hoping my area won't get hit with yet another blackout. For some reason, where I live is particularly prone to blackouts but so far we've been lucky. Let's hope that luck holds out until the heatwave breaks, whenever that might be. I've about had it with summer and I'm beckoning winter to come and relieve me from this steamy torture.

I left my a/c on at home today for my kitties. Poor Gizmo was belly up on the bathroom tile when I got home last night from work and running errands. (Yes, I was stupid enough to run errands in this extreme heat.) They're obviously feeling the heat as well so I didn't shut it off when I left for work this morning. Hopefully, they will spend the day in the livingroom. Another little benefit of leaving it on is I won't have to wait a couple of hrs for the room to cool down when I get home but it's mostly for my fluff balls.

Here a few more of the los I created while hiding out in the air conditioning last weekend. This is one of Jim and I when we first started dating. My goodness, I don't even recognize those people! I couldn't quite decide on a hair color back then it would seem, huh? LOL By the time of these shots below, we were married but they still look like 2 different people. Geez, my hair was long there. In these pics, we were at a country club upstate at my old law firm's annual company outing. Those company outing days were always nice days. We got paid for the day, got to bring our families and got to spend it at a country club using all of the facilities and eating great food.

I think this layout needs a title or journaling or something. This is not looking finished to me. Lisa, I used your last butterfly on this lo. Please send more! LOL
I did a little acrylic painting on this layout. Not my usual kind of technique but I recently acquired a plethora of acrylic paints because they were seriously discounted at Mike's so I thought I'd use some.
Thanks for coming by. I just love that you do!
Wishing you a pleasantly cool day!


Lisa said...

You used paint? WAY TO GO!
It looks really good.
I just love seeing these pictures of you and Jim from days gone by! Great paper layering. Love the use of ribbons in the 3rd layout and the butterflies rock!
Great job.
Can't believe how many layouts you did over the weekend... you are a mad woman! Maybe it should get hot there more often!

Barb said...

What great LO's Serene!! Love seeing the days of...old? Didn't want to use that word but I will change it to days gone by!! LOL

The LO's are really great. Love all the papers you used. And the colors in the first one are awesome!! Love them together. Lisa needs to send more. That looks way too cool!Q

Sorry about the heat. We just finished a heat wave like that but we are more used to it than you. One thing they tell us h ere is not to turn your air off at all. Always just lower it. It takes more energy to bring the temp down from up high than to keep it at a cool mid temp. Do they really know for sure? Got me!! LOL

Melissa said...

Ooh, I love them all! Great pictures. It's fun to see them! I agree with Barb, the papers are lovely.

Good for you for using paint on your LO! It turned out wonderfully.

Hope your heatwave ends soon!

Kathi said...

Paint! Love these complimentary blue and orange colors. I had to look closely at that LO because I thought Logan was in a car and it didn't fit with the title. I was thinking "what a dentist! He sees the kids in cars!"

Love your new blog look too!