Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jenn's CJ

Alrighty. Here we go - My final layout for the circle journal. This topic was not as easy as I thought it would be. I crocheted that big pink yarn flower.
Here is my sign-in tag.
And lest we forget, here is my sign-in for Courtney's 4 Things I've Repurposed for Scrapping cj. I don't know how but I didn't do a tag at the time I did her layouts. I think maybe it didn't get done initially because I couldn't think of or find something repurposed to use for the tag. The material for this tag is plastic from a section divider. I didn't need the divider anymore and it was in the recyling bin. It caught my eye when I went into the kitchen earlier and bells went off. I pulled that sucker out of the bin and went to work. I cut it into a tag shape and then I used alcohol inks for the first time. I had no clue what I was doing but I had fun playing and swirling the ink.

This cj round was definitely good for me. I used tools and supplies I've not used before. I also used colors and sketches that were not in my usual realm. I feel I'm a bit of a better scrapper because of this round and if nothing else, I had lots of fun. But there is lots else, isn't there? I'm going to be getting some fabulous layouts to put into my album soon. I can't wait to actually hold them in my hands and ogle them.
Thanks to Lisa for hosting this round. It was a great idea. Thanks also to all the great ladies who participated and did such wonderful work.
I'll be looking forward to the next round.


luv46kdz said...

Awesome, I love the colors. I LOVE the reasons!!

Oh and on my last comment to you the word was grant and all I kept thinking was grant me peace. that was the 1st real word for me ;)

Barb said...

This is really good, Serene. Love your reasons. Great choices. I think you did a great job and love the crocheting you did. Perfect!!!!

Melissa said...

Oh, I love how girly your LO is! Great reasons, and I love your tags too. Lovely crocheting on your flower!

Kathi said...

Beautiful LO! I could add these reasons to my long list of why I love being a woman. Stats & cars, ewww. Your plastic tag is wonderful. Isn't alcohol ink the coolest thing?!