Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tennessee Part 2

Halleluia! I finally found the usb cable that was missing and preventing me from uploading the pictures from our other camera. Turns out it was in my car the whole time. Duh!!!

This is the deck outside of my uncle's cabin. The cabin is high on a mountain side and it is surrounded by thick woods. One feels very one with nature when sitting on that deck. And those rockers are very comfortable, too! This is Logan and Josh in Pigeon Forge, TN. While I was in the world's largest scrapping store, they went go-carting.

If you ever wondered what a cicada looks like, here it is. This large bug sat on the deck railing for a long time until he decided it was time to join in on the cacaphony of noise his brethren were making.
Here is my beloved Uncle Kenny.
Here is another picture of the amazing Smoky Mountains. I love how the clouds create dark and light spots on the trees. We went to a marvelous Christmas village store. It was huge and just jam packed with all sorts of beautiful things. It was weird to be hearing Christmas Carols playing and walking amid all this Christmas stuff in July but we had fun in that bunch of stores. It was a 100 degrees outside but you never would have known it was July from inside there. I saw this lamp and just had to take a pic of it. A Christmas Story fans will know what this is.
I came across this plate on one of the display shelves and it caught my eye initially because of the blue color but when I started to read it, I teared up immediately. I wasn't even through the second line and I was crying. Jim saw me and came over to console me. He moved me on to something to take my mind off the loss of my mother but he took a picture of it so I could read it later. It still makes me tear up.
Anyone recognize this fortune teller machine? This is just like the one in the movie Big with Tom Hanks. I got lucky and just happened to snap a pic of Logan standing in front of the machine just like Tom did in the movie. Funny thing, though, Logan is almost the age that the character was in the movie.
This was on the strip in Gatlinburg. Leave it to my husband to be drawn to boobs whether they be real or not.I have more pictures yet to upload but I'll post later as Jim and I are hungry so I'm going to make us some lunch.
See you later!


Lisa said...

Great pics! You were a busy girl those few days! I was about to say awwww Jim's so sweet taking that pic of the plate for you until I see his grin in the next pic! What is it with men and plastic???

Melissa said...

What a lovely verse. Jim was sweet to take a picture for you.. but of course, boys will be boys! lol

I had such a wonderful time with you! I can't wait until we all get together in September!

luv46kdz said...

this whole post made me smile! You'll shoot your eye out! who ever thought they'd really have a lamp like that! Your mom comes to you all the time Serene, in your fave color too, the plate.

Look at Jim what a ham!