Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mini Album Saturday Part 2

So here's the 2nd mini I finished yesterday. As I said earlier, the actual book was started in a class last year when I went to Tulsa but I finally completed it.

These pictures are from an exhibit held at a hotel in Orlando, Florida. It's called ICE! They bring in ice sculptors from around the world and they create amazing sculptures out of ice. Not just the usual swans and dolphins one might see at a wedding but unbelievable things like life-size Nativity scenes, castles complete with slide down chutes, and toy soldiers taller than my husband and he's 6'3".

Upon entering, they give each visitor a heavy coat because it is 9 degrees in the exhibit. You can see we each donned one of those nicely colored blue coats in the pictures. I was in my glory being that it was exceedingly hot that year we were in Florida so going into the frigid place was a relief for me, to say the least. It didn't take long for our noses to get red and start running but they had tissue boxes along the way just for that purpose. I thought that was really nice that someone had thought to supply tissues because we so needed them.

It was a lovely thing to see and I appreciate the immense talent of those sculptors.
My gosh! Logan was so little back then. He had to be no more than 6 years old in these pictures because we gave him a big boy haircut when he was 6.
Even I went for a ride down the ice chute.

They had a real carriage set up with velvet cusions. The carriage was pulled by 2 ice horses.

I still have 3 other los to post but I'll do that later. Back to the cj's I go.


Barb said...

Another great book, Serene. We have never seen this around. I would love to go see it!!! Will have to keep an eye out for it!! You did a great job on this one, too!

Serene said...

Barb - We saw this exhibit at the Gaylord convention center in November. I'm not sure if it's an annual thing but we did see a banner advertising it another time just a year or two ago.

Kathi said...

The Gaylord does "Ice" here every year too. We'll have to go this year, as you've made it look spectacular and uber fun. This mini is too cool. (Pun intended!) Very well done with colors, embellies, photos, EVERYTHING!

luv46kdz said...

Luv it!! ya know, I sometimes like making the mini albums better.

Melissa said...

So pretty! You played out the "ice" theme perfectly with all your accents, and I love the pictures!