Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Big day of a big year!

Today is the first day of 8th grade! Big day for all of us. While it may be Logan who's actually in the 8th grade, believe me, we, as parents, go back to school with him. Between the homework help and the projects, Jim and I, feel like we are going back to school ourselves.

We're proud of him, though, for working hard and being in the honors class and I told him so as I kissed him goodbye after taking this pic of him and sent him off to "rule the school" this year. He's a senior in middle school and that's huge if you all remember back when. He's already thinking about the prom which I found hysterical.

He just called me complaining how it's only the first day and already he's got essays to write as homework.

Did I say it's going to be a big year? Maybe I should have said it's going to be a llllooooooooooooooonnnng year. Wish me luck!


Lisa said...

Homework ALREADY? That's just WRONG!
Adorable pic of Logan!

Barb said...

He is so handsome and so sweet. I fell in love with that boy!!

He let you kiss him? did anyone see? LOL That's wonderful. Usually by then it is a No No!! :(

Aw. Just remember...the homework keeps you young!! It hones your skills!! Now if it were gym class...let's forget it!!!! LOL

luv46kdz said...

Where does the time go Serene? Look how good looking he is! A senior, alright!!

Melissa said...

Good luck to you all! :)

Tell Logan happy early birthday!

courtney said...

I know it's been said already, but oh boy is he ever handsome!
Good luck to you all; hope you and Jim are up on your grade 8 curriculum!
Oh, and I do remember grade 8 so I understand why he'd be excited about prom. Think of how handsome he'll look in a suit or tux! Hope you've got a baseball bat to beat the girls off with!!

Serene said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments about Logan. Very kind of you.

Yes, Barb - to my utter shock he let me kiss his cheek and hug him right there. But in all fairness, I was quick so as to keep the embarrassment to a minimum. He didn't even have to moan, "Mommmmmm"

Stop it, Courtney. I'm not ready for the girl scene yet.