Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Math Project

Here is Logan's latest math project. They've been learning about interest on a loan. We worked on this last night and he brought it into school today.

We originally just glued the chipboard letters on but then I thought the better of it and decided to brad them to the oak tag to ensure they would stay put. I also used foam strips to elevate the work pages and give it some added dimension.
Can you tell I took this picture in the car this morning as we were leaving for school? The first picture of the project was taken on the street asphalt. I remembered this time to take a picture before he brought it into school. It never comes home looking the same as it did when he brought it in so I never get pictures of his projects. I got it right this time. Guess my brain was working for a change.
I hope this kid of mine not only appreciates my help but that he gets a good grade on this since I used a lot of scrappy supplies on it! But then again, now I have an excuse to go to Michael's, right? After all, I have to replace my chipboard letters and brads, don't I? Come on people, agree with me!!!


Barb said...

I agree! I agree!!!100%!!! Go girl! Replenish and then some extra for being such a good mom!!!

It looks really nice. Let us know what grade he gets!!

Melissa said...

Looks really cool, Serene! I love the effect and YES, I do think you need to replenish your supplies! I totally agree with Barb, too... you need some extra for the awesome mom you are. :)

Serene said...

Thank you, thank you, girls, for agreeing and enabling me. What a lucky girl I am to have such good friends. Hee hee!

courtney said...

Visually pleasing, Serene! Sure hope the info Logan added helps get him a good mark, cuz you've sure done your part! lol
Is that patterned paper or did you ink it all that way?
Have fun replenishing your supplies and collecting your "good mama rewards" at Michael's!

Serene said...

Courtney - that started out as white oak tag and white printer paper. I inked ALL of it.

courtney said...

I hope you got big hugs and thank you's for all that work!