Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Upsetting Blunder

If you read my previous posts, you learned that Halloween marked one year my mom has been gone. If you didn't read my previous post, then you just found out. Either way, I'm sure you can understand my being sad over the weekend. Heck, I'm sad everyday that I can't talk to her but this past weekend was a little tougher.

Anyway, in last Saturday's mail I received a card from the funeral home. Well, I didn't know it was from the funeral home initially as there was no return address on the envelope. Upon opening it, I realized from whom it came. While you're probably saying, "that's a nice gesture on the part of the funeral home", read on.

This is the front of the card. Here is what was inside...
Obviously, my name is not Marianthi. They put the wrong card in the envelope meant for me. I can only imagine who received the card addressed to me.
I found this very upsetting, so much so that I went to the funeral home on Sunday prior to going to Leo's to advise them of their blunder. I told them that while I appreciated their gesture, they needed to be more careful as they are dealing with people's emotions and a simple error like this should not take place. A silly blunder like this defeats the intended purpose of the card rendering it to an empty gesture. An embarrassed apology was all they could offer. Perhaps, they'll be more attentive in the future.


Barb said...

How terrible!! They should only do one card at at time so this NEVER happens. There should have been flowers at your door Monday with a card of apology and a remembrance of your mom.

Sorry you had that added to an already sad day!

courtney said...

Sorry you had to endure this blunder on such a sad anniversary.
Hopefully, you going in will help ensure no one else experiences this.

luv46kdz said...

Oh Serene, that really is the pits. I'm sorry that happened to you.